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Blk. Blk at Super Market Puerto Rico

Some people around me love to splurge money on things I consider are not important. I see they mostly do it when it involves a sale or they think they are getting a great deal. On occasions I hear people complain of how pricey a restaurant is. When I ask if anything went wrong the…

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Wire framing iPad App @imockups

There are plenty of free apps online to wireframe applications and someothers that require a bigger investment. Normally I do the wire framing process for some of the apps and websites we create a CIMA IT Solutions in a manual old fashion way. This process does work for me and involves sticky notes and a…

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My Longest Standing Customer Romy Baez

In business, you have customers that come and go. There are customers that you get to do a project for during a small period and never hire you again. There are others that stay with you even when you switch industries or move on to another business. The other day I was thinking of my…

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