Choosing a Business Partner

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I went to sleep late doing more of what I love. The first weeks of launching is going better than what we imagined.

I made the best choice of choosing a partner in doing this project since Rick Lipsett has the same energy and commitment level as I do. If it was not for Rick we would have not launched on Father’s day. I have to say that his ideas and way of looking at things come from a completely different angle and are very useful.

Rick has the unique ability of transforming my ideas into art in a matter of seconds. Not only does he deliver but he delivers with more than you expected. After many months of working with him I have always been surprised on how great his work is.

Rick has the following qualities that make him a great business partner:

Great Communicator

Rick has the ability to communicate in a very effective way. He listens to you and makes sure he gets as much details as he can by asking precise questions. His writing is also something I want to learn from since he can convey a message in an efficient but extremely fun way.

Strengths to offset my weaknesses

We are all good at some things and terrible at others. There have been instances where I thought I had done a good job and Rick does an even better job. This type of situation helps me focus on my strengths and allowing Rick to take care of what he does better than me. This results in an awesome final product!


Rick can capture you with his words every time he writes. His storytelling abilities are right up their with his other awesome skills. If you don’t believe me feel free to get to know Rick on our site and read his bio.

Savvy Business Partner

After many years working with Digital Artists and Graphic Designers (which are not the same read Rick’s post on the explanation) I had never met one that was so responsible. Rick makes sure he delivers what he offered.

Big Sense Of Urgency

I work along many individuals that lack a sense of urgency and  little by little I filter them out. My nature is to make sure everything is running in place. Rick is the same way. You make a request and he makes sure he gets to it as quick as possible. He always delivers on time or before he established.

Awesome Presentation Skills

One of the things that can turn me off when I visit a restaurant is poor presentation of my food. Even if the food has a decent taste, presenting food in a wrong way might even make your brain think it does not taste right even before you touch the food. The same goes with presenting your work to your clients. Rick being an artist by nature has polished presentation skills which complement his work. If you want to see a demo of his work ,contact us for a logo or any art design and you will understand what I am trying to say.

Great Sense of Humor

Rick’s humor is very similar to mine which makes it a plus. I like playing pranks and joking around with those who I trust. Since I met Rick I have seen how he has a great sense of keeping it fun and I really enjoy working along him.

What things do you look for in a Business Partner?


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  1. Anonymous on June 29, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    Gee, thanks, mafrén. I’ve learned a lot from you these past few months as well. Also I believe that by focusing in each others strengths, we’ve been able to achieve another level of greatness in our careers (“modestia aparte”, like we say in Puerto Rico).Oh, and contrary to what you say here, I’m not a good prankster. I’m too chicken to follow trough. I do enjoy humor and laughing, though.Thanks for featuring me in your blog. Awesomeness.