Ignacio’s Science School of Rock

Science Rock Start

My struggle with music is trying to find more time to listen to more albums, more songs, and more artists. I find relaxation in music and I use it to trigger emotions from helping me wake me up to focusing on the task at hand. Music as an Educational Tool Looking back I see how…

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Happy Fathers Day 2012

My Hand-Made Father's Day Card by Daughter with help from mom

Above a hand made father’s day card celebrating my second Father’s Day as a father! To all the fathers especially my own Don Tito and my Tio Tito I wish them an awesome Father’s day. Feel free to read what I wrote about them a year ago and a few other of My Papa Heroes and my…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

DaddyKnows - Mother's Day

I am really enjoying this weekend. The same reason I did not create a long post for Mother’s day. I wanted to make sure that I took the time to relax and get many things out of the way so Today Sunday I could spend time with Mom, Grandma, Lucy, and Lucy’s Family. I also…

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Updated: 2 Bloggers & 1 Super Bowl Bet #PapaRebelde

I felt that it was necessary for me to confirm my bet in a video wearing my NY Giants Hoodie which I received as a gift from my parents in the Early 90’s. If you want to follow along the conversation while I count the days till Julio writes for my blogs feel free to…

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Learning by Investing Time for a Good Cause @soleplus

A few months ago I read about the awesome effort of Sole Plus by my good friend @ricklipsett since he has been donating his time to help out our youth. Rick is a very talented artistic friend that does a lot with his own resources to promote art. Last Saturday I was able to spend…

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