What is your Relationship with Monday?

Isla Verde in The Morning

Morning walks on Sunday are extra special. After walking and maybe looking at the photographs I usually take I see how many focus energy on the fact that the weekend is going to end. I strange relationship with Sunday and Monday I personally can relate to them. I fell in love with Monday but for…

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A Guide Towards One Less One More

First Carmelite Convent in the Americas. Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan

4 years ago I was sitting in the audience at an event where I met some of my online friends for the first time in person. (Chris Brogan, Steve Garfield, Tim Washer, and Justin Levy). I also made some new friends. Out of the great group of people I met, I had the privilege to…

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My Ingredients – Tax Advisory

Behind the Scenes at Uncle Gussy's

For a long 10 months I worked at a local CPA Firm doing one of the most challenging yet boring jobs that anyone can imagine, Taxes! I did Corporate tax returns, Individual tax returns ( for some celebrities and MLB players), and other types of Tax returns. It’s one of my Ingredients Every year I…

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It’s ok to not be Normal… II

Atlas Statue in Rockefeller Center

When you think differently from those that surround you. When you are not scared to let people know what you think. When you are transparent and people know where you stand. When you’re a Misfit and the world is a bit more like the LEGO Movie’s masses. When Toxic People don’t have enough to do…

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52 Books in 1 Year Challenge

Walk in Isla Verde

My friend and New York Times Bestselling Author Julien Smith challenges himself to read one book a week.  I have decided that 2014 is a good year to challenge myself. Why? I have always been an avid reader and in 2013 I regret not making more time for reading so I am going to make…

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