Bird’s Eye view of Flamenco Beach and Lagoon

Flamenco Beach and Lagoon #Culebra #PuertoRico

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My Thoughts on the Image

For 34 years I waited and in many occasions listened to the experiences and stories of those who had visited the island paradise of Culebra. As I boarded that small Vieques Air Link plane the smallest aircraft I have been on after the Cessna Citation I travelled in to Honduras and a few trips on a blackhawk while in the military I quickly lost any fear of being up near the clouds given the beauty that surrounded me.

An experience that was captured in about 30 hours of non stop work to make sure we hit the Kickstarter goal of an awesome project. Weeks after I still go back to the images and smile. Here is a picture I took of Flamenco Beach from the plane as it approached the Culebra Airport.