Personal Interactions During my #SXSW Experience

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Me & Julien Smith

Something I really enjoy are healthy interactions where I am able to interact with people who are creating and accomplished their goals in life and still going for the next thing. An even better treat is when I get the opportunity to interact with folks who have a solid track record at creating and building solid communities online.

My second trip SXSW I was able to interact with a few individuals at a much closer level. People who I have read their blogs for quite some time and seen them speak at a conference or two. I am use to bumping into them and thanking them for the great content they create but this time I was able to hold a few conversations which where at a more personal level.

Role Model Dad Blogger at South by Southwest Interactive

I have seen C.C. Chapman speak on many occasions and I have said hi to him on many occasions. However since I created and C.C. Chapman is someone I look to as an example to follow when it comes to parenting blogs I have been able to chat with him more often than before. C.C. Chapman is also very helpful when it comes to sharing advice. I had a great conversation that I might share in more detail in another post regarding his next projects.  Overall it was great to talk with C.C. about a few things and get his feedback on a few of my projects.

Feel free to stop by C.C. Chapman Parenting Blog and Personal Blog.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Blogger & Writer Extraordinaire

I read Trust Agents a few years ago. After reading Shel Israel’s Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global NeighborhoodsPhotos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico
which was given to me as a gift by my friend Ramon Morales I decided to start reading Chris Brogan’s blog and buy his book Trust Agents. Chris a friend and someone I have the privilege to work with at Human Business Works wrote this amazing book with Julien Smith another amazing author.

While I was talking to C.C. Chapman he introduced me to Julien Smith. For some reason I did not recognize him, I quickly found out that we have something in common by being fans of minimalist barefoot style footwear. Julien told me on how he loved Vibram style shoes and how he had walked a long distance in spain (I think it was more than 400km) to the point the Vibrams had holes in the soles. I have read Julien’s posts which are very transparent, different in a good way, but overall refreshing from the regular content you find online.

Feel free to visit his blog and stay tuned because Chris and him are working on a book they will publish by next fall.

Online Video Superstar

In September 2010 I met and was able to see Steve Garfield speak at the Inbound Marketing Summit. When he got on stage he had a neat exercise where he got the complete audience involved in creating video. He quickly convinced me that I needed to create more video and since then I have been following his blog, read his book, and have connected with him on various platforms. Steve is always willing to help and has some really practical tips for you to create video. He is also very creative and is always looking for neat ways to create online video. If you are trying to get to understand online video a bit more I would recommend following Steve.

Small Business Marketing Coach

With John Jantsch I have a few things in common I coach small businesses, I am vegetarian, and I like writing on tips of how to use emerging technologies for business. John is more disciplined and has creating interesting content for small businesses down to a science with his Duct Tape Marketing program. I met John also at the 2010 Inbound Marketing Summit where he handed me a copy of his book the Referral Engine that I have written about on various occasions on this blog. During the Go To Meeting Meet and Greet Chris Brogan event I was able to talk with him for a few minutes. John has also helped me in the past with promoting my blog content and I really appreciate how helpful he always is.

Grateful Dead Fan, New Marketing and PR expert

I always check on David Meerman Scott very often I enjoy his perspective on many subjects and have seen him speak multiple times. I had the opportunity to talk with David during the Copyblogger event on one of the most interesting post he wrote when the Occupy Wall Street movement started. We had a good chat I got some great feedback and the story behind the reason why he wrote that post.

Feel free to visit his blog.

Earning My Way

Similar to the post  “Earn Your Way In” my friend Chris Brogan I had the privilege to chat with the previous people mentioned because in one way or the other I have earned my access to them by supporting what they do either by reading a post, sharing their content, leaving comments, or referring others to the awesome work they do. Other factors are being able to be physically present which is an investment I made by going to SXSW and involves some sacrifices other than the economical aspect (like not seeing my daughter for 7 days).

How will you earn access to those you admire and see value in having at least one conversation?

What is your plan?

Tommorow’s post will give you a bit of access to someone very important in the global online world if you will be in San Juan in the next days.

I will be also sharing some tips on how I have Earned Access to awesome people to those who have signed up to my newsletter so if you have not done so feel free to sign up now.


  1. Payasa Agapita* on March 26, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Heyyyyy after reading your post, I checked @stevegarfield ‘s web page and with just his intro video I got a new idea for my videos! He told to present the url at the end of the video to assure a visit after playing the video… Well, I am uploading directly from my phone, so instead editing on the computer, I will make this pretty carton paper with my info (like the audience fans in the basketball games) and show it at the end!!!!!! Ohhh yeaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!