Are you Showing a 360 degree view of your business?

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

One of the toughest decisions I made when creating one of the first projects at CIMA IT Solutions was selecting someone to create the website for us. In the past, I had built websites but did it more as a hobby. The quality of some of those websites would not be compared with having a talented professional developer and a creative graphic artist, but they served their purpose.

I ended up being very lucky that one of our first contractors was great at designing images. With him, we gave it a shot at building our first corporate site. It looked nothing like what it looks know, and if I had to go back, I would have read a bit more or hired a professional. We spent too many hours in getting the website up instead of looking for clients and focusing on income pro ducting activities, so we could pay the bills. The reason we decided to do it ourselves was because when we looked around at our budget there where little or no options for us that would make the website look better than what we could (or at least we thought).

Why should you have a website?

Every day I see more small businesses struggling on why they should have a website and if they have the budget for it. In many occasions, these businesses are missing out on reaching more clients that don’t know about them already.

The other day I went to a restaurant that I had never visited. Since the restaurant was established many years ago, I could say that I have driven by the place hundreds of times to be conservative (it might have been in the thousands). It is near the center of my hometown, and I would have never visited the place if it were not for the opportunity I had to meet the owner many months ago. Even then it took me months to have the opportunity to explore what was inside.

I went a few days ago, and I was very impressed to find an entirely different world of what I had imagined from the outside. The place from the outside does not invite you to come in and take a look. Once you enter the home, you are greeted by friendly & unique decorations.

If you have a business placed in a location that might not be the best. If you think some people are not aware of the services or products you have being online gives you the opportunity to reach out to many.

The opportunities for possible clients to read and learn about your business are endless.

So if you are still thinking of improving your website or enhancing the one you have so people can get to know you better. What are you waiting for?

Let us know if we can help.