A Creature of Habit

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My weeks and days are made of many a good balance of repetitive and non-repetitive tasks. My typical day changes on and off but as a creature of habit there are things I become accustomed to doing over and over again because I purely enjoy them.

If I enjoy a good meal at a restaurant there is a high probability that I will visit that restaurant again and ask for the same meal.

If I see a blog that interests me like @margieclayman’s, @chrisbrogan, @raffel’s, @michaeldcc’s, @undodigital’s or @ryancritchett there is a high probability that I will visit over and over again and leave comment or two. If I stop at a place to buy groceries and I get treated well I want to support it even more.

Receiving Satisfaction Makes me Return

I have found out over the years that the reason why I have become a creature of habit is because I am satisfied with what is happens at those places that I return. When I buy the same meal over and over again it is because I am enjoying it.  If I visit your blog periodically I like what you are writing and I can relate to it. If I stop by the local grocery store Selectos I am happy with the way the manager and the staff treat me every time I visit it. If you make me leave your place with a smile and create a pleasant experience on every transaction and every visit I will try to become your most loyal fan or customer.

Even when I am a Fan I still maintain objective.

As many of you have read in past articles I am a fan of Jetblue Airline but when they drop the ball I am one of the first ones to let them know. If I feel they did not feel concerned enough I might write it on my blog and share the experience with you as my reader.

Sometimes people become fanatics and no matter what they get they are satisfied with it that is not my case. I am still pretty upset on how Jetblue handled the situation when my dad came to visit us and to this day I have not heard anything from @jetblue and there staff which is pretty unusual.

When I am Happy I become part of the Sales Force

When I am happy with the service, treatment and other good things I received I make sure to send more business towards their way. If you are providing excellent services and products you can count on me spreading the word and letting others know what a great job you are doing.

Every business opportunity that pops up if you or your business is the right person for it you can count on me sending them potential customers your way. If you want to look for ways to make your customers and clients part of your sales force I do recommend reading the Referral Strategy by @ducttape John Janstch.

What makes you become a creature of habit? Why do you end up supporting one product, service, or company more than others?

What can also cause to severe that relationship if your expectations have not been met?