7 Reasons Why Santa Claus Stays Away from Social Media?

Santa Claus (1895)

I have been a Fan of Santa Claus since I was a kid. Each time I see an image of Santa, it brings memories of my childhood. I hope that magic will return once Daniela comes into our World in the next few days.

I spend a got amount of time on twitter & other social media platforms and I was able to find a @santaclaus account on Twitter to have very few followers and not linked to the Real Santa.

Being a Twitter Fan I saw a huge disconnection since in Real Life Santa Claus has built a huge following for centuries. Not many of us have the advantage of being a legend without loosing influence.  Good old St. Nick has kept his influence over history.
Thinking of Christmas, Santa Claus, and Social Media made me I started think of 7 reasons why Santa Claus might not be as active on Social Media platforms.

1. Excess of Followers.

Santa has a following that even @ricky_martin would fall short of (I invite you to Learn a Few Lessons on how to use Social Media from @ricky_martin). Having build community for such a long time and keeping so many people engaged social media might really not add to value to his effort.

2. Omnipresent.

Only St. Nick has the ability to be at multiple locations. During the Holiday season Santa is at the mall, parades, department stores, or even the near the corner of the street. For most of us trying to contact multiple people at the same time can be difficult since we can only be at one place at a time. So if you are not Santa Claus it might be a good idea if you use Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, a blog, or any other channel to get your message across.

gifts from santa

3. Letters take more than 140 characters.

Most people when they make their letters to Santa use more than 140 characters. This causes Santa to have less time for social media platforms and it makes it ineffective for him to communicate via twitter.

4. Multiple Identities.

Santa Claus is known by various names such as but not limited too Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, San Nicolas, and my favorite like the pronounce it here in Puerto Rico Santa Cló. It would be difficult for him to settle on one user name per platform and handling multiple account would only take more time away  from his preparation for Christmas.

5. Multiple Image Make-Over.

Throughout history St. Nick has been given multiple image makeovers. It is recommended to keep an Avatar that is the same in across all platforms. Not only does St. Nick have previous images, which differentiate themselves from each other, I have seen multiple variations of St. Nick at the mall, pictures, parades, and other areas where his image is shared. I think having just one image to identify him would make him lose his magic (and might put in jeopardy his ability to be omnipresent).

6. He is always giving.

Santa keeps his followers and community close by showering them with gifts and never asking for anything in return (other than asking you to behave which should be done anyway).  Given his long-standing reputation he can still grow his community without using social media. If you feel like working on giving please click here & donate to one of my favorite charities @serpuertorico.

7. Influence.

Can you think of anyone that is expected to visit once a year and is more influential? When we where kids I remember how when it got close to Christmas they would manipulate and control us by only mentioning Santa Claus. I have a good friend who resembles Santa Claus very much and during the Holiday Season he would wear a Santa Hat and have candy canes in his pocket. You cannot imagine how when kids where acting up at a restaurant with only their parents would point our way and by John ( I mean Santa) looking at them it would quickly fix their behavior.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico
Me and My Good Friend John Duncan’s Santas Helper (December 2006)
I hope this post helps you evaluate and identify if you have any of Santa’s attributes or resources. If you don’t then you really need to start using social media platforms to get your message across.

I might have missed other reasons if you think of one get into the spirit of sharing and feel free to share any other reasons why you think Santa might not be active in Social Media?

There is a chance for you to have something in common with Santa: you can share the spirit of giving. You can donate to your favorite charity or one of my favorite charities like @serpuertorico, which is running a great online fund raising campaign.

Feel free to click the next image and find more information on the campaign.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

PS. A special thanks to @robertbravery who wrote a great post on the 10 Blog post ideas for this December, Christmas Season and inspired me to write this one.



  1. Gabriele Maidecchi on January 9, 2011 at 11:47 am

    Good comparison, I never thought about Santa in this light but it looks like he’s a perfect SM example to follow after all. One more reason to keep being his fans even after we grow up.

    • Raul Colon on January 9, 2011 at 3:40 pm


      Thanks for reading the post. I did enjoy your reason on how he keeps his fans when people move into another demographic great example.

      Thanks again for commenting!