Keep the Momentum, Keep Going

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While I was running my morning 3 mile run which I run at a faster pace than my afternoon 6 mile run, I learned a valuable lesson.

As I tried to push myself in the last mile I felt disappointed that I could not accelerate more. I kept on trying to go a bit faster and I was feeling like I was pushing myself further than I should.

Keep Going

After battling with my mind to continue running I listened to my body and kept the pace I had.

Being frustrated with not being able to accelerate I almost quit the race before I reached the 3-mile mark I had set for myself.

Evaluating my Progress

Once I finished my run I realized the main reason why I could not go faster was that I had run at the fastest pace for any run including a 3-mile run in years.

I am glad I kept on pushing myself even when I felt like I had to stop and just listened to my body and not my inner demon telling me to stop.

Have you stopped at any project or effort half way. You might no have seen the results you expected at that moment. Many times it is a matter of keeping the momentum and continue moving forward.

C.C. Chapman’s in his new book Amazing Things Will HappenPhotos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico (← Affiliate Link) which I finished reading calls this attitude being a duck.  I will explain this a bit more in my book review post.

What have you done that you later realized you did a lot better than what you expected?

Anything right now you are struggling with where you feel you need to continue moving forward to see the results?

How can I help you focus better and keep the momentum?