5 ways they have demonstrated they value me!

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I am traveling towards #SXSW Interactive in Austin a bit behind on my blog posts since I have been sick for the last few days. I am traveling as usual on my favorite airline @jetblue.

While I sit here in my comfortable seat to prepare today’s post I was wondering why I decided to fly @jetblue even when my flight plans got modified and I have a long layover in Orlando (If I had planned correctly might have been able to visit my pal Mickey just in time to catch my other flight).

After a while the reason why I choose @jetblue over other airlines came down to having a company that values me. Here are the 5 ways they have demonstrated they value me.  This I find very common with most companies that I feel as close to as @jetblue.

1. Making everyone feel special!

Not having a hierarchy and keeping all customers at a same level is a plus for me when I travel @jetblue. I remember traveling at other airlines where Frequent Flyer Status puts individuals at a social level higher than those who can meet that particular airlines requirements.

I think every business should treat all their clients as equals. There are exceptions but why not make all your customers feel special instead of selecting a few.

2. Listens to ME

On every occasion I contact @jetblue via twitter, email, website, telephone and via other channels they have replied in a timely manner. Even when my requests might have been difficult to answer they have responded with one or various possible solutions. Every time a customer or client makes a request make sure you listen and respond in such a way they know you are listening and you care.

3. Facilitates

On many occasions I have run into issues while flying @jetblue where their staff at various levels has facilitated the resolution. Some of them have gone out of their place to help out in ways which I will never forget. Theses experiences created by @jetblue crew-members are unique and can be easily repeated by staff of companies at various industries.

4. Apologizes when they are wrong!

We all know nobody is perfect but sometimes companies try to hard at achieving perfection. All of them fall short of reaching perfection and some of them use a superficial perfection as a substitute. On many occasions @jetblue has apologized for mistakes made by their crew. It only confirms the other 4 points I am making on this post.

5. Does Not Focus on Profit Only

Jetblue mainly focuses on creating a quality customer experience. Like every company they do focus on profit but they seek for creative ways into reaching it. I have seen how on multiple occasions they have demonstrated that Profit is not the 1st priority for them.

How can you make sure the companies you support have these 5 characteristics?

Can you name a few others that help you keep supporting other companies? If you represent a company how can you make your company follow them?

Note: I wrote this post on my flight from PSE to MCO. When I landed and a bit after I found a tweet directly from @jetblue wishing me safe travels and another tweet from a great employee (how has become a friend thru my relationship with the airline) Mr. Rafael Soto. Rafael is one of the key reasons I choose @jetblue over any other airline (see below).

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  1. Prometeo on March 10, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    It’s so simple even a… medium sized business can do it. I t doesn’t require lot’s of money and #5 really speaks to me.