Daniela Gets a Youtube Channel

Daniela Gets a Youtube Channel

24 December 2017
My daughter had been asking for a Youtube Kids Channel for a while. Finally, we decided we would create one for her as a Post Hurricane Maria Creative outlet.

The Debate a Youtube Kids Channel or not?

For quite some time we have been debating if Daniela should be allowed to have a Youtube channel. There are many Youtube channels centered around children, and we wanted to make sure we took the best approach. So finally we decided it's time for Daniela to have her own channel.

Celebrating my 7 year anniversary as a Dad

In a few days, I am celebrating seven years of being a dad of a beautiful young lady.

Challenging 2017

This year has been a challenging one filled with a lot of new opportunities and also some big drawbacks.

Overall we had to adapt and overcome many situations, and we did a lot of experimentation in our personal lives and our business.

Setting up a youtube channel for a Kid

For the longest time, my daughter has been asking for a youtube channel, and her mom and I have discussed that she was too young.

Shortly after the hurricane, we saw how Daniela grabbed our GoPro and decided to recount and express everything she was seeing.

Daniela's Kid Crisis Channel is Born

Inspired by the many others who have a Youtube channel she decided she wanted to call her channel Kid Crisis.

It was a wake-up call for me to realize that my daughter at the age of 6 had found an outlet to express what she was feeling.

It was also an outlet for her to share what could have been the most frightening life experience. At 37 years old, after going thru Hurricane Maria, it indeed was frightening.

Help from Friends After Hurricane Maria

Many friends reached out to me, and one of their main concerns was how Daniela was handling the Hurricane Aftermath. When we decided to leave the Island, we did so to be able to manage our business, which depends on Internet connectivity. So many people offered gifts; we tried to reject the gifts most gently because we did not feel Daniela needed more stuff in her life.

However, our good friends Nando and Rocio who sent care packages to friends and family members and many more people kept on asking us what Daniela needed. So finally I decided that Daniela needed a few items so the audio in her videos would sound good. So good Uncle Nando and Titi Rocio sent her a microphone she could use with my GoPro.

Finding What use to be normal in Puerto Rico after Maria.

We are still trying to find what seems to be standard in our lives because the reality is that being in Puerto Rico is still not normal.

There are way too many without electricity and water three months after the disaster hit.

While politics are being played by our Local Government and the Federal Government decides it's not important enough to take care of the second class citizens of Puerto Rico, there are many mixed feelings on this side.

As I try to explain to others from the outside, few will listen, and even fewer will understand.

Only those that went through this life-changing experience and are still on the Island will get it.
Daniela and mom Putting Up the Tree

A Restart of Puerto Rico

As I see many more folks coming back to restart their lives and businesses, I thought it would be appropriate to give my daughter Daniela a chance at having a creative outlet for what is her life After Maria.

The first video I uploaded was of us setting up the Christmas Tree. We debated if we should put one up. After talking to family members and friends who still don't have power and them insisting we put up a tree for Daniela, we did.

I still feel guilty that I am one of the lucky ones that got electricity reasonably quickly, but I am one of the minorities on the Island to have access to power and other basic needs at my disposal.

So as I work with my daughter on her Channel and have her explore and create, I wanted to wish you an excellent new year.

Kid Crisis - Setting Up the Christmas Tree in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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