Working During the Holidays

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This time of the year is when usually everything for me turns upside down. I am not saying I don’t enjoy Christmas. Since graduating from college, I worked for a Big 4 CPA firm and other large consulting companies p through today that I work on my own, November, December, and January are months that take me for a ride.

While working in the Public Accounting Industry this time of the year meant audits and lots of work. It is what they called, “the busy season”, which anyone who has worked at a Big 4 can confirm it lasts 11 ½ months. This time of the year meant it was time to beg for vacation and try to get it approved. It meant I had to work longer hours than I already did to make sure I would have a job the next day.

Then I finally decided to go on my own which has been a journey that I really would have not imagined. From starting our first project of trying to help people find a job, while still working in the IT Security field as a consultant, I have steered away from climbing up the corporate ladder and pretty much creating my own path.

I have had experiences in the military, sales, restaurant industry, accounting field, IT Governance, IT Security, Project Management, and Web Development. I have been able to create a series of products and services that can be customized to everyone’s needs.

My experiences mixed with experiments make me feel that I can get into people’s heads and make them take other paths.

The Ex-Employee

As a one-time employee, I wished during the holiday season that I would be able to control when I could take vacation. Years later, I am able to take any project and enjoy myself no matter what time of the year it is.

In 2012 I tried to follow my three words as much as I could. I truly took one of them to heart as every effort I tried to get involved with has been organic and most of them reaped some great results.

Getting Ready for 2013

As we all get ready for 2013, I am creating a series of services to coach and assist small business owners in helping them kick off a business, a project, or maybe a new product line.

In the meantime I would like to know if there are opportunities where I can spend 10 minutes with you and I can at least go over an idea or two in order to reach your goals in 2013.

Feel free to drop me a line if you think I might be of help in getting you started with your next projects.

Make Everyday a Holiday

Enjoy the holiday season and if you feel like I use to feel during the holidays, with no control of when you could take a day off, let’s see where you can control your time and when to take vacation like I do.

As I publish this post and organize the rest of my week I wish you all an awesome day and in the words of my good friend Robbie Vorhaus,  ” If you are a Non-Christian Happy Tuesday.”




  1. Bianca* on December 26, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Hello! I do have a new resolution for 2013… I mean, a new resolution because it is not a copy/paste from past years. I want to work close to home. It means, a) find a job, or, b) create my own. B is a resolution-wish-list for 2013. I am thinking of some options, very nice and different all of them, but I feel sooooo lost when thinking how to start any 🙁 I have no worries on the money side, because I have been employed-unemployed-employed-unemployed that I feel prepared to live the hard times……………………………. what to do now… what to do now…

    • Raul Colon on December 26, 2012 at 12:08 pm

      Sounds like we might need to sit down and evaluate next steps in finishing small goals to reach the larger one 🙂