The Key

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

As I get closer to celebrating 4 years of running our Business. I realize that no matter what others might say, reality is you have the key to your future. One of the things I have struggled with while being on my own is knowing when to walk away from individuals and organizations which will attempt to drain your energies.

One of our first projects was creating an online job board. Our plans where to sell resume services as a source of income to keep the job board operating and help people build their careers. Mostly everyone wanted to enhance their resume; they just did not see the value in paying for that type of service.

I work with diverse companies to enhance their online presence and I am lucky that others want me to help them with their strategies. Some individuals have a basic idea of how we can help them, most others have no clue of what they need.  It becomes a difficult task when they have no idea and they are not open to accepting new ideas.

They Have the Keys

Individuals that are closed minded when it comes to new ideas and overall change don’t realize that they have the key to sharing their stories and communicating online. They don’t need me if they decide to take the time and put the effort into understanding these platforms.

Having the key to unlocking the benefits means trying things out by testing and executing.

I have Shortcuts

Any company or individual has a way to get online and set up a Facebook like page, Twitter account, Google Plus Page, blog, and the many other tools that are available online. Most companies hire me because I save them time, improve processes, and help identify business opportunities. By doing research, talking with customers, and understanding what their short and long term goals are, I am able to guide them towards a successful online effort.

I also transfer part of my knowledge to empower customers I work with. I help them understand their business environments and connect them to the online eco-system. Which increases the probability of each business to succeed online and offline.

I also have Keys

As a small business owner I have the key to my business.

As the owner of my thoughts I have the key to my dreams and goals.

I love collaborating in teams and even better yet, getting hired on projects that go with my short term and long-term goals. When I work with others I focus on achieving the best possible outcome for all involved parties.

Something I work hard at is getting those keys that open the possibilities of working with those that value and appreciate me.

Empower yourself to accomplish your goals and reach your dreams.

We all have keys. Some are misplaced. Some have been temporarily lost.

How can I help you to start using those keys to open opportunities?