Which Puerto Rico bank wants my business?

Brick Wall over The Caribbean

I usually remind people that I have worked for and in the Banking Industry for the past 10 years on an off.

The only bank I was officially a full time employee of was Doral Bank.

I have seen how the bank I so proudly worked for as an employee and consultant had deteriorated in service.

Failed Attempt at Pleasing Wall Street

Top management tried to apply many of Neutron Jack’s GE methodologies. In the attempt to create a lean bank so they could sell off and make lots of money. They actually brought a bank down with lots of collateral damage.

In the past I have written lightly on the subject of the bank because I use to be an employee and contractor.

Doral No Longer Exists

Now that the bank does not exist I can comment a bit more. I still have many friends that work at the bank and I only wish that they can land jobs quickly.

It’s time for me to shop for a bank.

The decision will be easy if Banco Popular who is the bank taking over decides to hire the reason I have stayed as a customer.

#1 Reason Why I was a Doral Bank Customer

My friend Armando Navarro is one of the sharpest bank branch managers I know.

Armando takes good care of his clients and his employees. Armando also knows the importance of keeping a good relationship with his community.

If you requested something from Armando you got a quick and precise response. You hardly ever heard a no from Armando.

So to any bank out there. If you are looking for a rock star bank branch manager who happens to be an awesome leader. Armando Navarro is a great choice.

So if you want my business and want me to become a loyal client and ambassador of your bank.

Hire Armando

You just have to send Armando an offer letter and hire him on the spot.

I am sure you will get lots of value from him.

If you need his resume or many referrals contact me directly.