Does @DoralBank & Other Banks Care About Customer Service?

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One of the industries that does not care much about their customers than other industries  is the banking industry.  Globally banks are there to find ways in which they can play with our money and eventually keep it.

I have been a customer of Doral Bank since I became an employee in 2006 (I left in 2007) when I returned from working in New York City. Doral pretty much obligates their employees to open up an account with them and receive their paycheck via Direct Deposit into their account.

While watching Kitchen Table Talks on the Pulse my friend @bobburg mentioned how any company accomplishes to get your money by buying a product or service. They main factor is that you exchange money in any transaction because you think that you are getting the same value or more for what you are exchanging.

What do we do when we feel there is less value?

Over the years I have seen how Doral’s customer service has deteriorated to a point where in many occasions I have felt they have taken my money and I ended receiving less value of what I have given to them.

For the past 5+ years I have done my banking with them which means I have been loyal, referred customers, and always looked at the positive aspect that banks like Banco Popular care even less about their customers than doral.

Finally I came to terms that Doral is probably not going to recover anytime soon from the addiction of treating their customers very badly. Yes I called it an addiction because I am sure top-level management knows the issue they have and they decide to ignore it. Given the fact that Doral is no longer an active customer of mine and my  only relationship is as a customer which has complained previously about several issues I decided to take action expressing myself here on my blog.

The Experience That Triggered This Post

On veteran’s day I was happy to see that their branches where open and strangely I visited two branches in the same day since I had to deposit a check and was not sure if I would have time to get the other check from my client before the branches closed.

My first visit was to my favorite Doral Branch at carr. 14 where the staff is friendly and the branch manager always goes out of his way to make sure my banking needs are met. Armando would do way more to address my complaints but management really does not give him the power to correct many of the Issues and as any employee his has to follow the bank’s policies and procedures. My first visit to a branch was business as usual and I got in and out of the branch in minutes since it was pretty much empty.

My second visit was after meeting with a client that handed me a check and I was closer to the Doral Fagot Ave. branch where I have had many customer service issues in the past. The staff there is overworked, there are never enough tellers, and this branch does have a lot more foot traffic.

1st Issue

I went into the trapdoor at the entrance and got trapped. I spent a lot more time than I should have since the person that was suppose to be up front opening the door appeared to be talking with co-workers. When she finally realized that someone was in the trap door she walked over with no sense of urgency and opened the door without apologizing for the delay. In other words I should have been glad she finally opened the door instead of her feeling guilty for her lack of attention. The same person once she opened the door walked back instead of staying up front and continued her conversation with co-workers.

2nd Issue

The bank was fairly empty and I still had to wait for the teller to call me up to the podium. I see this all the time where the teller appears to be doing something else and does not even acknowledge you are there.

3rd Issue

Two more people tried to get into the bank and the delay of not opening the trap door when the person enters caused two people in a hurry to get stuck. When the same individual realized that two people where stuck instead of recognizing it was part her fault for not being up in the front opening the trap door she started screaming at the customers coming in that it should be one person at a time. I do understand the trap door has its rules posted but how can you enforce rules on customers when as a representative of the bank you are not following your own rules.

4th issue

I quickly asked the teller if that was how the staff at that branch treated their customers. Instead of apologizing for the behavior of his co-worker his reply was to point the finger at the person screaming at the customers and pretty much said that had nothing to do with him. The problem was that it had to do with him because they both represent Doral Bank.

Doral’s Other General Management Issues

I left the branch and instead of coming in an out it took me a lot longer than it should and made me leave with many questions as to why I continue banking with this organization.  I also tweeted my discomfort with the bank.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/rj_c/status/135079906781573120″]

Doral does such a poor job listening to clients everywhere including online that it took them various tweets and a conversation with another follower and 22+ hours later they finally responded with a generic tweet asking me to email them.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/doralbank/status/135396650993729539″]

Poor handling of communication

Individuals handling their online accounts requested me to email them with a generic response after responding in 22+ hours. I have sent my complaints into Doral previously and clearly it is a way for customers to vent without any further action taken. Once I told them I would complain publicly they also requested me to follow them on twitter. If I was clearly not happy with the brand why would I want to follow them on twitter.

I take a different approach when someone complains in social media. I quickly research the person and try to find a way to connect with the person. In my case I have a link directly to my blog that offers multiple ways for anyone to send me a private message one being my contact form. Instead of them making me feel that I they care they wanted me to do the legwork for them. If a customer is already unhappy with you why would you make him go through extra steps without putting the extra effort yourself.

Issues that need to be Fixed

If Doral wants me to stay along as a customer and get to the point to start referring them as I use to in the past they would need to do the following:

Cutting Down My Wait Time at Branches

There are many ways where the bank can enhance the banks offering of services where it can be convenient to visit a branch. For this to happen Doral would need to probably hire personnel like most of the individuals in my favorite branch at Ponce Carr. 14, which are service oriented. If they could clone Armando or find someone with his character I guarantee they would do a lot better at customer service.

Improve The Online Banking Offering

For over two years I paid for having access to online banking on my business account that I canceled recently out of frustration.  The funny thing was that this online banking tool only allowed me to transfer into accounts of the same bank and did not do any of the basic online banking features other banks give out for free. This obligated me to visit the branch more than I would like. This also causes longer lines because individuals have no other way of creating transactions. I would recommend having a free online banking for their customers because charging for an inefficient one is being Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish.

If I hold up an employee or the manager for 30 minutes 4 times a month with things I could have done online I am more than sure that it costs the bank more than what they are currently charging for online banking software. Don’t penalize those that save the bank money by charging them more.

Take Action on Customer Complaints

I have submitted many complaints and I know of many others who have done the same. Sadly Doral really stays focused on their plans filtering any complaints and really not taking actions on complaints from normal customers like you and me that make the biggest part of their customer base. In my case I have my business and personal accounts with them and getting through to them is like talking to a wall many times.

Increase Presence or Remove ATM Fees

Doral has very little presence in the south part of the Island. So either they increase the presence or they replenish at least a few complimentary ATM Fees a month to make up for not being able to get your cash at an ATM Close by.

I want to see Doral fixing many of the issues they have had for years.

I also want Doral to understand that because I expected better from them is why I took the time to write this post. This might seem as an attack but it clearly is my last attempt for them to realize that they need to take another course if they want to keep me as a customer.

Not only have I been a customer but I also put my trust in them by recommending people to do banking with Doral, which are currently as unhappy as I am.

Let’s hope that this post serves not only Doral but other banks that they need wake up or if not I probably will be doing my banking elsewhere.


  1. melvin on November 23, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Good Stuff and sad stuff
     … I sadly have to say I am not longer banking with local banks! (I still have to deal with Popular Mortgage since they bought my account from RG in 2007!, and its been a nitemare).

    I’m now banking with Scotiabank…lets see how it goes.

    • Raul Colon on November 23, 2011 at 5:42 pm

      Melvin Sadly I feel the same @doralbank dropped the ball greatly and I now you had a similar experience. I think Scotiabank might a more reliable option. 

  2. Richard227 on November 23, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Doral Bank does banking the old fashion way. I had to basically handle issues personally in the account branch. Too much inconvenience for me. I moved my money to Ally.

    • Raul Colon on November 23, 2011 at 8:33 pm

      Ally might be a better option since @doralbank is not meeting expectations. Did not know they where available for Puerto Rico customers. Thanks for your feedback. 

    • Raul Colon on November 23, 2011 at 8:33 pm

      Ally might be a better option since @doralbank is not meeting expectations. Did not know they where available for Puerto Rico customers. Thanks for your feedback. 

  3. Prometeo on November 23, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    I left Doral Bank a few years ago after complaining about their poor handling of the ATM service and not receiving a proper answer. I used the ATM card they issue with no problems until I had to use it at night. One such night my daughter was sick and after getting her to the hospital I went to the pharmacy to buy the prescriptions. It was around 11PM after waiting for the recipe to be dispatched I slid the card on the machine and it was rejected. I knew I had sufficient funds but I couldn’t take the prescription for my daughter that night and had to wait until the next day. 

    This happened a few times and their response was always the same, at around 10PM to 11:30 they were doiing maintenance on the ATM system and it was down. I told them that if I couldn’t have acces 24/7 to my money and in an emergency I had to WAIT till the next day them I was moving my money to another account wich I did. They never did anything to retain me, apologize or simething to make me reconsider. Looks like they don’t care. Today I have my money at another bank, one that let’s me have acces to my money at ALL times and treats me as a person,

    • Raul Colon on November 23, 2011 at 9:12 pm


      There are many @doralbank:twitter  stories like yours. I am glad you shared it so it does not look like I am the only with these issues. I have heard many similar stories but they have more value when the person that experienced them actually documents it. 

  4. Jaime Aponte-Parsi on November 26, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    I have not has any personal experience with Doral Bank but am less than overjoyed at being a Banco Popular customer, which was never my choice. When Citibank kicked all of its retail customers in the butt and dumped us in the lap of Banco Popular, I was very angry and frustrated because I had been a loyal customer (mortgages, personal loans, personal and commercial checking accounts, lines of credit, credit cards, IRA’s, etc.) since I was a law student and a summer law clerk at McConnell Valdes, their outside counsel at the time.

    The only reason I remain a customer of BPPR is that my bank branch retains the manager and customer service executives that were there before the Banco Popular days; they know their old customers and take good care of them.

    If you look at their competition, it is not a pretty picture. The Spanish banks suck at customer service and BBVA is on its way out anyway. Scotiabank is going after consumer business more aggressively after swallowing up RG, but I still resent that they think their customers are too stupid to fill out a deposit slip on their own.

    You can only wonder at the long term stability of Oriental anf FirstBank. The FDIC is still keeping FirstBank under very close watch.

    Speaking of Doral, the murder of its top executive by a professional hit on the de Diego Expressway earlier this year remains unsolved. What did he know that the powers that be did not want disclosed to the Feds?  

    • Raul Colon on November 26, 2011 at 7:52 pm


      You bring a few thought provoking comments. I clearly have to say I don’t see much of a difference in other banks. My only reason why I stay with Doral is because I have a few individuals that go out of their way to help me. 

      The problem was when they are helping me the bank should have solved the issues previous to that. 

  5. Anonymous on November 27, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    Just like hardware stores before the arrival of Builders Square and Home Depot, the banks and other businesses in PR keep their customer services to the bare minimum possible. The worst thing is that some of them do not even realize how bad is their service, nor care able it.

    Doral is sometimes so inept that their mortgage division was giving me follow ups for payments that I had programmed on time in their online banking system. My money was on a limbo between Doral’s divisions. Guess who was gaining interest on my money.
    A few other times the money never arrived, and when I complained about it, they deducted the money twice!
    Of course, their sales people is very attentive. My mortgage refinancing was a real pleasure. But what is the customer service people supposed to do?

    My worst frustration right now are the private schools. They are acting like mom&pop hardware stores in pre-Home Depot mode. They think that because their product is good (an instructed child), they do not have to provide competitive customer service to parents. But that is another topic.

    • Raul Colon on November 28, 2011 at 10:38 am


      I think the problem is that companies like @doralbank:twitter truly don’t care. Or even worst care less than other industries. I have heard similar stories like your on the online banking system and how complicated it can be to fix them. 

      I think that by creating awareness and expressing our concerns and sharing them with many others will make these companies realize that people are tired of not taking care of customers. 

  6. Baezromy on November 28, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    As an independent insurance agent they convert our credibility into shit. Specially in dwelling policies and in cases when a costumer decides to reject by his own right their policy offer from the branch and choose an agent like me. They just have no respect for the outside Market, and manage in every possible way to keep you away from their negociations. Definetly no respect. Not recomended.

    • Raul Colon on November 28, 2011 at 1:16 pm

      @47ed71a05b26c923a3b09458bf6529a8:disqus , 

      I guess it comes to the point where @doralbank:twitter like other banks try to control as much as possible like some of the other banks. I guess when they don’t even take care of their customers imagine what they do possible competitors. 

      Instead of solidifying a healthy business eco-system it comes down to not caring about those who are not in line with their economical benefits. Even if it has to sacrifice Customer relationships.