When “Family Guy” Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade…

Making Lemonade

A Few of Our Politicians Should learn from Mayor Bill Finch like the title stated when the Family Guy gives you Lemons make Lemonade. I really think @mayorbillfinch’s reaction towards the Family Guys comments which I wrote about yesterday.
The only time I have voted has been for the 2004 election while I was living in Bridgeport, CT when I voted for Kerry.
The voting process in Connecticut is a lot simpler than here where you have to actually spend a day or more to get a voting card and make sure you keep it updated.
The main reason I don’t vote is because I have lost faith in most politicians that run for office here on the Island.
I have lost faith in local politicians because they are always pointing fingers and more focused on destroying than building. Most of them operate on spotlighting the other parties weaknesses instead of working on building there strengths and learn from the opponents weaknesses to perform better at the positions they where voted it to fill.
Yesterday I wrote about the opportunity of Bridgeport’s @mayorbillfinch to make the best of the Family Guy’s negative comments denigrating Bridgeport (Is any PR Good PR?).
As I had expected you can see @mayorbillfinch clearly made the best of the situation in the following video.

He also added a humor on why most Bridgeport residents where annoyed at the character depicted supposedly from Bridgeport which had a Boston Accent. Most Bridgeport residents including my Dad and Brothers are huge Yankees Fans so that might have been the reason.
I think this is a great opportunity for most of the politicians here in Puerto Rico to take negative issues and turn them around. @Mayorbillfinch is working on building upon the mention on Family Guy to make the City of Bridgeport’s image even better.
I think here in Puerto Rico we can start with the major issue of having many stray dogs on the streets. There are many groups that are hurting Puerto Rico’s tourism because they are completely against the fact that Puerto Rico does not do much to take care of the current disregard for stray dogs.
There are organizations that mainly survive from private donations such as @sasfapr, which is a No-Kill Shelter. If the government worked with them we could keep many stray dogs off our streets and improve Puerto Rico’s image from many perspectives including the tourism perspective.
So I invite any local politician to defend the image of Puerto Rico and make significant changes to take care of the many poor dogs that roam our streets.

Disclaimer: Before you ask the Picture has nothing to do with my comments about any politician. (that is just Toby and he is searching for a home please help @mark_hayward in finding one for this cute dog).

Any other issues you see that Puerto Rico politicians can quickly turn around if they focused on learning from issues and making corrections to not repeat them?

If you feel identified with the cause of keeping stray dogs and supporting the local efforts to save stray dogs feel free to make your donation to visit @sasfapr’s website.

Now if you are looking to give a home a pet feel free to contact my friend @mark_hayward who runs the Animal Welfare of Culebra and is trying to find Toby and a few other Dogs a good home.