My First Experience with Vine Application

I think I finally found a reason to do more videos in fun small size 6-second videos. One of the reasons I don’t share much video has to tweak it and then upload to platforms like YouTube, which take a lot of time.

Stopping over at Chris Brogan’s blog as I usually do daily and reading 11 Things a Business Could Do with The Vine Application on the Vine app the other day got me curious about the app acquired and launched by Twitter this past week. After reading Chris’s post I quickly downloaded the app.

Only Available in IOS

As Twitter announced the launch of Vine they confirmed it is currently only available on iOs and will available in the future on other platforms. Making it one of the many reasons I favor having an iPhone over any other platform is being able try out many new apps before their launched on Droid and other platforms.

My First Post

I attempted trying to get a grasp of the Vine application with a quick video at my client which did not come out as I expected and I resisted from publishing. I shot a few videos and then heard Chris Reimer’s voice in the back of my head telling me to publish where I finally decided publish a video while eating lunch at my favorite pizzeria.

  I had also seen some videos of food disappearing so I thought on my second published video I would give it an attempt with disappearing the delicious Vegan pizza we where eating.



As I experiment further with the Vine application I get to understand better how to use it. I went ahead and took video of snapshots of my late night on the beach with my Labrador Juanga. I also took a shot of my first view this morning when going on my morning walk.

I wanted to quickly capture some of my experiences in the morning when I walk my dog in a different way than when I share my morning pictures.

Business Perspective for Vine

If you are trying to think of ways on how to use Vine for Business read Chris Brogan’s post and I also found a post by Mashable on how Brands are currently experimenting using their creativity to share part of their story.

Enhancing the Vine App

I am sure that these will be implemented soon. Some of these might also be at a test phase given some of the issues the app had on its launch date.

1. Embedding Snapshots of previous images into the Loop

I have to say that I would like to be able to add pictures images inside the app not only by just pressing the button real time. In only 6 seconds of video I tend to press the button longer than I wish and I have to start all over again.

2. Being able to Tag users when commenting

One of the things I enjoy the most about using Instagram is the ability for me to continue a conversation by tagging other users when I share or find an image. While I was chatting with Chris Brogan via the app’s commenting system he quickly realized he could not tag me. If they fully want to leverage Twitter I would even include these comments automatically in the user’s twitter feed.

3. Desktop

Instagram recently launched a desktop version and if Vine wants to take the lead in this short format video having some limited functions such as desktop users see videos from certain hashtags might make those users who don’t have an iOs and can’t download the app have some use to the app. The same way you don’t need to tweet to use twitter other users can consume the content while they wait for the application to launch in other platforms.

External Links with advice on using Vine application.

Download the Vine 0 Make a Scene for iPhone App in iTunes

If you completed the post here you can relax now and listen to the ocean.