The White Coat Caste

The White Coat Caste

Many of us deny that up to this date we do have social caste in Puerto Rico. Every day i see how we have many groups who actually understand that their profession or genes should give them social privileges.

White lab coat hall, Wu Hsing Tao School, Traditional Five Element Acupuncture & Psychology, Seattle, Washington, USAThe group that I personally have the most issues with are many of the people that are currently woriking with the Health Industry.

This morning I ran through the exercise of using Puerto Rico’s Main Health Facility “Centro Medico”. i noted many issues that are a pure contradiction of what it should be. I noticed the following contradictions:

1. Employees First Patient Last – Most of the parking space is designated for employees. Most patients have to walk  large distances.
2. Don’t Expect Service with a Smile – you ask a question most employees give me flashbacks of my days back at Fort Knox, Basic Training with the Army. The lack of  engagement with their job.
3. Forget about the Process – Most patients where told that they should arrive prior to 7am. Although the staff arrives at 7am. After they make everyone wait in the most inappropriate area. Once they arrive then they start commanding people once again making me remember Drill Sergeant Vanier back in Basic Training.
4. Walking Tall with their noses up in the Air – Most (not all of them) of these employees do walk with their noses up in the air. They walk as if they where more important than their patients forgetting that thanks to their patients is why they make a living.

I think culturally we have giving this group of people to many privileges when they provide us none. I think of how I try to treat better my customers and stakeholders in my efforts and projects. It is key for me to make sure that the most important piece of the puzzle in my business are my clients.

When are we going to let everyone know that enough is enough? We need to start requesting better service. Communicating what flaws are in the system.

Being proactive and looking for solutions even to the most minimum detail. I am sure that many of us feel this way.

Don’t get me wrong I do understand that the Health Industry has many sacrifices but it would not hurt for them to give service with a smile and overall facilitating the process for their patients to get the much needed care.

How can we use social media to change this way of being?

Can we instill values in our society so they start requesting better service from the Health Industry?

I think that if everyone feels the same way that I do they should let others know. It would be great if we also recognize where great service is needed.

What have been your good and bad recent experiences requesting health related services?

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