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My newest project is telling you about this neat mobile app called receiptloader that helps you store receipts and track expenses.

Something we all forget especially me is the effort you have to put into listening to feedback without being defensive or even worst taking things personal. I guess it is in our nature to defend what we believe in but sometimes this can work against our growth as human beings.

Detaching yourself from the Product

With receiptloader I feel I have taken certain level of ownership although the individuals that build the app and overall product are Francisco and Pablo.

As part of taking that ownership I started putting my input and recommending changes, which will become part of the product. It is critical to own things when you are involved in projects. If you don’t own things the lack of passion and energy you put into things might not give you the expected results.

I own every process I am accountable for, event for my clients I take ownership in the sense that I want the best results for each decision I make.

My good friend Chris Brogan talks about two things that come up as I write this post Growing Bigger Ears and having the owner’s mind. I try to live by these two philosophies. Since I am a passionate person it is most difficult listening but it is something I have to make a priority.

Giving Feedback

I am usually providing constructive solicited and unsolicited feedback to those around me. Since I love receiving constructive feedback I forget that most people are sometimes resistant to feedback especially the unsolicited kind.

It is a lot easier to give feedback than to receive it. I never ask a Question I am not ready to hear an answer for.

I ask questions or give feedback when I feel the person can deal with it. My intention is to improve or enhance what I am giving feedback about.

Receiving Feedback

The past few weeks I have gotten some great detailed feedback from friends like Diane Brogan, Rahul Naroola, Gamal Mustafa, Tony Vargas, and Ramon Padilla. Their feedback is being taken into consideration as we speak so we can improve the functionality of Receiptloader.

They can’t imagine how grateful I am for the feedback shared with me and for supporting another one of my projects.

Thank you again if you downloaded receiptloader on your iPhone or Android.

If you have not done so yet feel free to give it a try at no cost for the first 30 receipts or 30 days whichever happens first.

How do you deal with feedback?