Take it one Day at a Time

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Take it one day at at time. We are here today and we never know where we will be tomorrow. We had a bird we rescued a little less than two years ago. We found poor little Nemo on the floor in the cement; just a fledgling. After inspecting him, one of his wings was a lot smaller than the other one. Probably the main reason why he was not able to fly out of his nest effectively (same reason we called him Nemo).

It was a Sunday afternoon and in the southern part of the island there are no pet shops open that day. I ended up driving for more than an hour trying to find food to hand feed the poor little fella and try to revive him. I was successful after finding a store on the side of the road that not only sold me the mix but explained to me how I needed to use it (Same place where we adopted Juanga).

I can clearly say it was a project Lucy and I enjoyed since we even prepared a fake nest out of tissue paper and a small margarine bowl as we did our research on the internet to make sure the fledgling survived. Days later he was strong and perching we also found that his parents would come and visit him and feed him once a day. Funny way of mother nature making sure that the fledgling got some food. Later on we did buy Nemo a cage and seeds because he was already eating solids.

Months later, we tried to release Nemo and it was not a successful event. Another bird who was the same species as Nemo, attacked him. I found Nemo clinging from a branch upside down and decided to keep him in his cage (although it went against his nature). Nemo had been part of our family for almost two years and he passed in June. Being an animal lover, I have to admit I got a sad but then I had to look into it a bit further.

I found him on the floor where he would have lasted hours maybe days. We were able to help keep him alive for almost two years.

Poor Nemo is in a better place in little bird heaven and not in that cage all alone with very limited interaction. Nemo has taught me that I will no longer keep any birds in my house because I see it completely against nature.

I see how we improved his life given the options we were given. Looking back, Nemo’s tweets (literally his tweets) went out with very little interaction or responses. He managed to survive in a small cage with out many options in life. He was taken care of but I am sure he would have enjoyed a better life in the wild.

How many times do you feel you are in a cage and limited options? Look again and see the variety in options we have to improve our lives. So today make sure you try and do something positive for yourself and take action. Go ahead do it in memory of Nemo!