Piloto 151 San Juan’s First Co-Working Space

Piloto 151 Co Working Space

Working at home has its benefits and yes it is convenient to wake up in the morning, roll out my bed, and walk towards my office which is in the room next to ours. But there are a few limitations when it comes to growing a business or starting one, which is the case with…

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Explaining How I Make a Living

Fit 911 Studio

2/11/IMG_5163.jpg”> One of my biggest challenges I have is trying to explain to others how I make a living. Others constantly are selling themselves to the point where they are spamming people online and offline. When I want to explain what I do, I worry that I don’t cross that thin line of sharing things…

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Office at Home or Expensive Commercial Space?

Ikebana Isla Verde by Raúl Colón

I have worked from home since the start of CIMA IT Solutions in 2008. Prior to that my office was also my home because while working for American Systems in DC while living in Puerto Rico. The only time I physically entered the office was for New Hire Orientation! Working from home has its pro’s…

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