Piloto 151 San Juan’s First Co-Working Space

Piloto 151 Co Working Space

Working at home has its benefits and yes it is convenient to wake up in the morning, roll out my bed, and walk towards my office which is in the room next to ours. But there are a few limitations when it comes to growing a business or starting one, which is the case with Limonade at the moment.

Seeking Less Interruptions

On some occasions,  I want to have a space where I can go jot down ideas, research them, ask someone else’s opinion, and have less interruptions.

I love Being Near My Daughter

I love the fact that I get to work close to my daughter who will be turning three. I also don’t have the heart to say, “no” to her when it comes to her requests. A way I can get through work by distancing myself from these small distractions is working outside the house when given the chance in the form of co-working spaces.

First Co-Working Space in San Juan

Yesterday I was able to stop by Piloto 151, for a free co-working day and Sofia, one of the founders, was nice enough to extend a complimentary day pass at the Piloto 151 co-working space. (I went a day ahead.)

The place is pretty awesome and I like the fact that it has many open spaces. Having other people working around you that are talented, motivates me to continue putting my head down and completing important tasks.

Today they have a free co-working space so if you are in the San Juan Area and want to meet some pretty cool people, stop by and say hi.

Networking and Professional Development Opportunities

They are also running a series of business sessions where they are offering the surrounding community informational resources and speakers at little to no cost.

Moving forward, if everything continues to progress with Limonade as it has been moving in the first months of operations, I might have to look for a space like Piloto 151 to get some of my best and important work done with less interruptions.

Making it Easier to Set up a Business Locally

During my conversation with Sofia, she informed me of the ways they are helping out new business owners and those that want to do business on the island (something that is very well needed.)

If you want to learn more about Piloto 151, stop by their website and get in touch with them.

Event on Friday

Understanding the Future of IT: Ride the Wave to Grow Your Business


Fri, November 1, 2013 5:00pm – 7:30pm


Piloto 151, Calle San Francisco 151 (al lado de la alcadía en la Plaza de Armas) map

What is the event about?

What we’re calling “Big Data” today is getting even bigger, at a faster pace than we ever anticipated. In this session, Martina will discuss some emerging trends in IT and potential models for future analytics systems, technologies and infrastructure that are seeking to address these trends.

We’ll also have an interactive session to discuss how you can ride the wave of these emerging trends to grow your business as Big Data becomes truly big and truly fast. Martina Trucco is responsible for research strategy and portfolio management at HP Labs, HP’s global corporate research lab.