San Juan’s Vegan Friendly Asian Bistro

Lamp at Sogo

Finding a regular restaurant that caters to Vegans in Puerto Rico can seem impossible at times.  Same reason why I go to vegan/vegetarian food venues or we eat at home. It’s truly hard for me to walk into a place and ask them to make me a vegan option because on most occasions, as hospitable…

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11 Puppies Need a home ASAP

As part of me having a Vegetarian Lifestyle and being a dog lover, it is very hard for me to hear this kind of news happening in Puerto Rico. These situations happen so often on the Island I feel helpless so I pass along this info as we shared it on @veglatino and provided by…

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The Importance of Customer Experience

An area where I think many businesses have a great opportunity on improving is Customer Experience. I see how large sums of money are spent on attracting customers and how many businesses drop the ball when those customers are visiting their facilities or in the middle of a transaction. Some organizations think Social Media can…

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