Storm Readiness Tips

Isla Verde Beach, Puerto Rico - photo by Raúl

Last night as I walked the dog near the ocean, I was able to see waves breaking where the ocean from that distance seems calm. As Hurricane Sandy is entering the East Coast of the United States, here is some advice for those of you that still need some last moment tweaks to stay safe…

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Staying Connected with Mother Nature

Weeks ago I walked the dog hours before a storm hit. This reminded me of how powerful nature can be. Thankfully during our morning walk I had taken my sunglasses because walking on the beach with heavier than normal winds you can get hit by sand, water and many other flying objects which can quickly…

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Preparing for something that might not happen

Isla Verde Beach

When I wrote this the island was under close watch for Tropical Storm Isaac and for some reason the storm decided to slow down. After all the preparation we did, Tropical Storm Isaac did not do much harm to my Island and any land that it hit afterwards. Importance of Preparing Preparing is something we…

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