Storm Readiness Tips

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Last night as I walked the dog near the ocean, I was able to see waves breaking where the ocean from that distance seems calm.

As Hurricane Sandy is entering the East Coast of the United States, here is some advice for those of you that still need some last moment tweaks to stay safe during the storm.

  1. Great but, Unusual Hurricane Advice
  2. Storm Readiness (72 Hour Bag)
  3. Preparing for something that might not happen
  4. Staying Connected with Mother Nature

Jeff Pulver’s Readiness Tips

Some extra tips from Internet Pioneer and 140 Founder Jeff Pulver:

Tunein App for AM/FM Radio for your Phone

Worried about Hurricane Sandy and can’t find a portable radio to listen to in case you lose power? apps like TuneIn turns your phone into an AM/FM radio…just discovered this app. – . ~Jeff Pulver

Track the Speed of the Wind

If you want to track the speed of the wind… check out Wind Map. Special thanks to John Baronian for sharing the link. ~Jeff Pulver

Any other Tips or Questions on Storm Readiness?