Staying Connected with Mother Nature

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Weeks ago I walked the dog hours before a storm hit. This reminded me of how powerful nature can be.

Thankfully during our morning walk I had taken my sunglasses because walking on the beach with heavier than normal winds you can get hit by sand, water and many other flying objects which can quickly blind you and hurt you.

The sand was hitting me on my legs so hard it was pretty uncomfortable.

As I walked against the wind getting hit by sand, I realized how easily Mother Nature can take control of us.

So why do we Disconnect with Mother Nature?

We disconnect with Mother Nature to make our lives easier. It is just more comfortable and easy to forget about her.

We use to recycle everything and our trash use to be a lot less than what it is now.

I will be searching for a recycling centers nearby where I can take our recycable items. In the meantime, we give aluminum cans to a gentleman that walks the beach retrieving aluminum.

I also need to do a better job getting rid of electronics. In my case I never get rid of them so I might need to take them to a recycling center like the ones available at my local Best Buy.

We can always improve what we do to make the earth a better place to live. I have to admit that with all the recent changes in my life I need to sit back and adjust a few things.

How can we all connect with Nature more?