A Very Different Vegan Thanksgiving – #NoALasCenizas

Cops dragging the injured activist. The cops created a formation to block those taking video and taking pictures.

Yesterday was an intense day full of adrenaline as I saw friends and “compañeros de Lucha” get arrested in Tallaboa. I made the 2-hour drive from my apartment to Tallaboa in Peñuelas and got there early. Friend and Human Rights Activist Pedro Julio and I left San Juan at about 3:30 am. We wanted to…

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Activists and Senators Arrested at Tallaboa, Peñuelas

I have mixed feelings on today’s attempt to stop Toxic ashes from being deposited in Peñuelas. It was clear and evident that the cops were on the side of the larger corporations as they only arrested those who were on the front of the community and environment. Truckers were celebrating the arrests and the abuse…

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Our Aunts & Uncles Are Fighting against the New “Asbestos”

The New Asbestos

Among Indian communities worldwide, Aunty and Uncle are commonly used to refer to elders even if they are not relatives.  Other cultures around the world respect the elders and value their experience. We need More Respect for Our Elderly For some reason, the US culture uses the elderly for less important things. A  good example…

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