Shifting Priorities

Photo taken by Lucilla Feliciano

Since I have been living near the beach for a year, I have been writing and publishing less content. Everyday I feel horrible when I don’t write or go for my 6 mile runs. I like to write but with the many projects in progress that I want to finish which (this is tied to…

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Enjoying the Holidays, Fireworks, & Consumerism!

Here in Puerto Rico Christmas Eve better known as “Noche Buena” is celebrated a bit more than Christmas itself. Last night was extra special because one of the members of our extended family was also celebrating her 80th birthday. It gave me the opportunity to spend time with Mom, Grandma, Tio Irving, Lucy, and my…

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Why do We Make Other People’s Priorities Our Own?

Sunday’s are much different for many people in my case I guess that being a Small Business Owner sometimes they can be very similar to my other day’s of the week. Since I fell in love with Mondays when Sunday arrives it gives me the opportunity of starting a new week where I can hit another…

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