Enjoying the Holidays, Fireworks, & Consumerism!

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Here in Puerto Rico Christmas Eve better known as “Noche Buena” is celebrated a bit more than Christmas itself. Last night was extra special because one of the members of our extended family was also celebrating her 80th birthday. It gave me the opportunity to spend time with Mom, Grandma, Tio Irving, Lucy, and my beautiful Daughter.

Once we got back home I greeted Christmas with the surprise of a poor female dog who had gotten lost and ended in my backyard. At 2am in the morning I ended up visiting the other gated communities trying to identify if someone had lost their dog. Curious enough I ended finding many dogs that due to the firework that where being launched where extremely scared and where looking for refuge. Sadly not every pet owner is responsible enough to look out for the well being of their pets. At about 4:30 am after trying to find the owner of the dog since she walking along me at one point she found her way back home.

A lot of Noise & Fireworks can Misdirect

The poor female dog as many other dogs lost her sense of direction like many humans also do during such a special Season. For a dog it might be fireworks or loud noises for a human it can be pure consumerism and attachment to material Things.

The last 3 years during the Holiday season we have had some very complicated and difficult economical obstacles. When people are working hard to fill their trees with gifts they sometimes lose their sense of direction. I see individuals that are so focused on the material aspect makes it very easy into losing perception of what truly is important.

I sincerely try to make the best out of every day and that gets easier when my friends and family are healthy. Last year was one of full emotions I was waiting to become a Dad and my Grandma was in the hospital during the holidays. Thankfully she recovered and this year I lost my other Grandma a few weeks prior to christmas. Grandma America is in a better place now Cancer really took a toll on her and it makes me enjoy even more my time with Grandma Lydia.

There is nothing more important than enjoying my time next to my loved ones.

Focusing on the Gifts

Depending on my economical situation I decide how much Budget I can spend on gifts. This year I was only able to give to a few individuals that are very close to Lucy and myself. That does not mean that if you did not get a gift we don’t appreciate their friendships.

Nintendo Ruined Someone’s Christmas

Earlier today I read on how supposedly Nintendo was at fault for ruining a little boy’s Christmas. I completely understood that the person was upset since a family member had gotten a wii that was not working. What a great opportunity for us as adults to teach our children that sometimes in life things will not go as we would like. I am more than sure that the experience was not a very pleasing one but it can makes us all grow.  I really think that once the Wii gets replaced the child will be able to overcome the small mishap and enjoy his gift forgetting the issue completely.

Mute the Fireworks & Noise

So the rest of this Christmas Season (Puerto Rico celebrates the longest holiday season in the world) make sure you block out all the things that make you lose direction. Prioritize those things that are sensitive and critical in life. Don’t miss out on great opportunities because you are focused on the materialistic part of what some people call the holidays.

Today I enjoyed filming my daughter Daniela open her first Holiday Gift. She was more amused with the wrapping that what was in it. It really did not matter what was in the box what mattered was the fact that I experienced my daughter opening her first gift ever.

What things should we all prioritize and make important in our lives during the Holidays?

Happy Holidays from my family and me!

For those of you that left the boxes of the gifts lying around you might be experiencing what  the @papaheroes Christmas Comic Strip published today.