Does Puerto Rico pay taxes?

How much does Puerto Rico Pay in Taxes to the United States?

There are two questions that people ask when the topic of Puerto Rico comes up. One is Puerto Rico is part of the United States and the second question if Puerto Rico pays taxes.

A few years ago I shared an infographic on how money flows from Puerto Rico to the United States. It has been one of the most visited posts since I started this blog in 2010.

I found a tweet from Yarimar Bonilla with an article from El Nuevo Dia with some updated numbers from 2016 on how the money flows from Puerto Rico to the United States.

The United States Receives almost double of what they invest in Puerto Rico

The Money Flow of Puerto Rico and the USA measured in Many Ways

The author of the article Ricardo Cortes Chico states that the flow of Money from Puerto Rico and the United States is estimated in many ways. He also says that temporarily this amount could be reduced given some of the assignments Puerto Rico will receive due to the Reconstruction of Puerto Rico.

Who will Benefit from the Assignments of the Reconstruction of Puerto Rico?

I wonder, how much is being paid out to US Corporations in the Slow "Recovery" of Puerto Rico?

I guess that seeing how many US corporations are benefiting from the Aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria the numbers might go either way.

If you are in San Juan, it is normal to stumble upon a Con Edison vehicle who is working to reestablish the electricity on the Island. As I walk around my neighborhood it's clear that the Hurricanes brought people from the outside who are being employed by US corporations.

I think we should keep a close eye into what is claimed to be given to Puerto Rico and how much is going out as it came in while there are still people without water and electricity 6+ months after Hurricane Maria and Irma impacted the Island.

6 months after Hurricane Maria, parts of Puerto Rico continue to struggle
(CBS News)