No Youtube App on iOs 6?


This morning a day after I upgraded to iOs 6 on my iPad 2 ,  I went to load some of Payasa Agapita videos on the iPad for my daughter I realized the YouTube app had disappeared. According to other blogs apple no longer support a YouTube app with it core iOs structure. Google did…

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Fluid – Create Your Own Desktop Application on a Mac

As we move over to applications that are in the Cloud we sometimes end up having a need to keep our browsers open in a specific application. Lately I have been using Batchblue Software as a way to help me manage and keep communications amongst my clients. It also helps me keep track of Deals…

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Use Your iPad as a Second Portable Monitor – AirDisplay

Working at client sites can make me less productive due to the following reasons such as continuous interruptions, meetings, issues with saying no to do extra things for the client, and not having all the tools I need when reviewing multiple documents. At home I have an extra monitor which does 2 main things; it…

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