Amanda Palmer Visits Puerto Rico

El Independiente - Comunicado Amanda Palmer

The first time I heard of Amanda Palmer I was walking in Old San Juan with Alan Weinkrantz who was visiting team for a 140 Conference meet-up. He was describing how the 140 Conference brought people from all walks of life. Short after I saw Amanda Palmer for first time in a video by Alan…

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La Musica y El Independiente 2

Las Acevedo

Last April my colleague blogger friend from Puerto Rico Alfredo Richner (from Puerto Rico Indie) invited me to the first of a series of events that he was going to create. El Independiente is a músical collaboration of Independent Music Bands from outside of Puerto Rico playing with the local ones. In the second version…

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Universal Language at “El Independiente” @puertoricoindie

With the exception of a few genres of music such as “Bachata” and “Reggeaton” I enjoy listening to different genres of music. I grew up listening to Salsa most of the time since that was my Dad’s favorite. I had the opportunity to listen to other types of music when I visited my uncle and…

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