La Musica y El Independiente 2

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Las Acevedo @ El Independiente 2 | photo by Alfredo Richner

Last April my colleague blogger friend from Puerto Rico Alfredo Richner (from Puerto Rico Indie) invited me to the first of a series of events that he was going to create.

El Independiente is a músical collaboration of Independent Music Bands from outside of Puerto Rico playing with the local ones.

In the second version of el Independiente, Alfredo and his partners from Frecuencias Alternas Jose Pepe Pesante and Ezequiel Rodriguez, Rubén Arroyo from Mala Vida, Buena Musica curated a group of 4 independent musical entities.

Out of the 4 I became a fan of Alex Andwandter when this past July I read an interview via Puerto Rico Indie and quickly added him to my Spotify playlist.

When I arrived Hacienda (Puerto Rico’s) version of the IRS had stopped at La Respuesta to verify if all paperwork and permits where up to date. Sadly Hacienda decided to stop with musical ambassadors from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Chile proving once again that culture and arts is not a priority for our current government.

Once paperwork was squared away the door opened and the last tweaks where being made to make up for the time lost dealing with the unexpected visitors.

As I entered into la respuesta I bumped into Zuleyka ( @dr_zu) who was taking care of the door. I really don’t think anyone can be as sweet, strict, and patient at the same time while welcoming guests with a smile. I personally admire the patience Zuleyka had throughout the night; my patience would have worn down minutes after seeing some individuals attempting not to pay the very cover charge of $10.

Las Acevedo

Las Acevedo (@las_acevedo), twin sisters from the sister island Dominican Republican, started the night @Lucymfel identified a few charactertics of why I instantly enjoyed their music. I listened to them for the first time and I had to stop bandcamp to enjoy more of their work.

Juan Cirerol

The second performer was Juan Cirerol (@juancirerol )from Mexico. Juan’ lyrics full with the energy he displayed on stage had a mix of social awareness and criticism.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Juan Cirerol @ El Independiente 2 | photo by Pedro Lugo

La Macha Colón y Los Okapi

It was getting late and I ended up wanting to leave just before la Macha Colón and los Okapi took the stage. When Macha got on stage I recognized her from earlier where she was dancing and emitting great energy enjoying the music that was being played before she took the stage.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Macha Colon Y Los Okapi @ El Independiente 2 | photo by Pedro Lugo

Even on my two visits to Austin during SXSW I have never seen any band like Macha Colón and los Okapi. Since I like weird and I know I am also weird I was captured by her performance and decided I had to stay to watch her burlesque, dramatic, with a mix of Diva and Drag Queen Extravangance kind of show.

Macha’s music was fun but just watching her perform and mix a bunch of elements to keep the public entertained was something I really enjoyed and hope seeing la Macha Colón again.

Macha finished and set the tone for the last artist of the night Alex Anwandter ( @alexanwandter) that many where waiting for. Alex got up on stage and started singings to one of the songs I have played on spotify multiple times, I was captured by his energy and his dancing that I can’t recall which song it was.

Alex Anwandter

Some of Alex’s dancing was  similar to the voguing style of Benny Ninja. After watching one of his other videos the day after the Independiente I realized he might have been voguin.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Alex Anwandter @ El Independiente 2 | photo by Alfredo Richner

I had already enjoyed his music but the fact that I saw him perform live made me become a bigger fan.

I left at about Alex’s 4 song. I thanked Alfredo for the invitation and I have to congratulate the complete team for a job well done.

I am also happy that two sponsors stepped up to the Plate the including Filler snacks and Buye.

Given the support they gave such an awesome event I have to make sure I give Filler Snacks that are vegan.

I can’t wait for the next Independiente.

What indie bands would you like to see?