Amanda Palmer Visits Puerto Rico

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The first time I heard of Amanda Palmer I was walking in Old San Juan with Alan Weinkrantz who was visiting team for a 140 Conference meet-up.

He was describing how the 140 Conference brought people from all walks of life.

Short after I saw Amanda Palmer for first time in a video by Alan Weinkrantz during the 140 Conference Boston in 2010.

I was quickly impressed in learning more in how an artist would be able to disconnect itself from Management and a label. After seeing that Amanda had created a solid online infrastructure I understood how she could continue operating by emerging herself in many online communities that allowed her to tap into the vast online ecosystem.

Disrupting the Music Industry as we Know It

Months later via one David Meerman Scott’s Blog I heard of Amanda’s Kick Starter where she was planning to get funding for her new album. That same day I saw my friend and very respected local blogger Alfredo Richner share a post on his perspective on what Amanda was doing and how musicians in the island could follow her lead.

Every time I got to read and learn more of what Amanda Palmer is doing she earned my admiration from the disruptive aspect of it. The success of her Kickstarter proved many naysayers wrong and was a boost of confidence for those that will follow in Amanda’s steps making her a true pioneer.

Finding out of Amanda’s Visit to Puerto Rico

I found through Alfredo a few months ago that there was the possibility of Amanda visiting Puerto Rico for the version of el Independiente 3. Reading Puerto Rico Indie I made me really happy that Alfredo and his partners where reach their goal of bringing Amanda Palmer to la Respuesta.

El Independiente is one of few local events that I anxiously wait for. The first two have created some pretty awesome memories and I had the opportunity to meet some awesome people.

As Amanda Palmer gets ready to visit the island I was very grateful that she retweeted one of my tweets. With so many followers and such an engaged fan base getting retweet from her shows the commitment she has with her fans.

So on Thursday I recommend you to make some time to enjoy some great music with myself an a bunch of more awesome people.

I can’t wait to see Amanda Palmer and the other artists performing live.