Sumo Challenges, Sushi Bite Solutions

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As I work on establishing priorities that are fluid and moving one foot in front of the other when working on critical projects I felt the need to go into detail on how I engage large projects by dividing them into reachable goals.

Dana Montenegro calls it taking a sumo size challenge and dividing it into sushi bite solutions.

As Limonade Inc. works on the make over of Uncle Gussy’s Online Presence (focusing mainly on their website), I have divided a medium size project into multiple phases.

I won’t discuss specific details but I will give you some insight into how we worked on this project in order to help those who are working on projects (especially those related to online efforts).

1st Phase

In the first phase we worked on understanding the online and offline structures Uncle Gussy’s had in place. Once we were clear in what Nicko’s plans where to grow his business and enhance the customer experience, we immediately started working on some key elements that would provide positive business results while staying lean.

The first critical task was redesigning the menu. Some food vendors might overlook the menu but when you have a food truck with a line of customers as long as Uncle Gussy’s  every second counts. Making the menu easier to read definitely helps with improving the customer experience and moving the line. Our previous experience working in the hospitality industry and on a previous food truck project, helped us tackle that task in an effective and efficient way.

We researched on-line conversations around Midtown New York which allowed us to be helpful to potential customers. By monitoring keywords, we are able to engage in conversations with others who are interested in Greek Food and in close proximity to the food truck.

By identifying key influencers and customers who are always sharing kind words about the Uncle Gussy’s experience, we are also creating deeper relationships with the existing clientele.

2nd Phase

We created a landing page where customers can order online, sign up to a newsletter, and connect on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

This makes the temporary landing page useful while we are building the new Uncle Gussy’s website.

3rd Phase

The next phase we are working on is giving Uncle Gussy’s an online image to match how awesome their food is. Our main focus in the re-design is to make it easier for customers to order online, hire the truck for catering services or special events, and keep those who are interested updated on events and specials.

Results in Only 6 Weeks

In less than 6 weeks we gained some traction and are seeing positive results. By working with Nicko, we helped him organize a few of the administrative tasks because he needs to focus on the business’ critical tasks. It helps Nick work on building his business and do what he does best, take care of his customers while the Limonade Inc. team supports his efforts.

Increase in Business

The first phase also gave Uncle Gussy’s an increase in business. I will use an acronym I learned from my peer and published author Olivier Blanchard, FRY (Frequency, Reach, and Yield).

1.  Improving Frequency

Regular customers make more frequent visits. By being present in their minds during lunch time, while we monitor multiple channels, they pick Uncle Gussy’s as their first option.

2.  Increasing Reach

Many new customers who visited the food truck where tied to the online efforts Nick’s team and the Limonade team had with those near the food truck and interested in trying Greek Food or seeking an option for midtown lunch.

3.  Yield

Customers are buying more per transaction. For example, a few decided to try out one of Aunt Nitza’s (Nicko’s Aunt) Portokalopita or the other Uncle Gussy’s authentic greek desserts which was part of their meal purchase.

Moving Forward

As we continue to work with Uncle Gussy’s we realize how important it is to create reachable milestones and goals that motivate everyone to continue giving their best.

My New Business Venture

I will be writing more about how my new business venture Limonade Inc. might help someone like you who wants to run projects in a hassle-free and successful way.  Our newest venture is for those who want to have successful, lean, online projects while surpassing your goals.

If you want to talk a bit more about an idea or project feel free to contact me directly and we can work together on attacking large goals.