One Foot In Front of the Other

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Writing about shifting priorities helped me realize that when we establish priorities, moving towards progress might be the most complicated part of the commitment.

When priorities change from time to time we might end up losing track of the progress in our current efforts. Adding the element of handling multiple projects also creates complexity in ensuring progress for each individual project.

Planting a Big Flag and Going After it

My friend, blogger and author Chris Brogan, sort of read my mind months ago when he explained via email that the easiest way to getting things done is:

One big ass flag. Then the path to the flag.

Focusing on the Big Ass Flag

Don’t just focus on the big ass flag.  For example if you’re a small business owner and want to create a new e-commerce website, you need to set a path to reach the big ass flag.

Getting stuck on how to reach the Big Ass Flag is common.  Instead of thinking of the immediate next steps we need to take to get closer to the Big Flag, we think of the many obstacles and the courage we need to build to overcome those obstacles.

Setting a path of smaller flags to overcome obstacles is the healthiest route to making our dreams and bigger goals a reality and conquering that Big Ass Flag.

Start with Smaller Projects

In the E-Commerce example, start by creating a simpler website and getting to know those who visit your website. I would not try to build the e-commerce site before you even have some online presence.

Currently we are building a website for Uncle Gussy’s Food Truck in New York. We started with simple things such as a menu re-design and a new landing page which replaced the previous static website until the new website is published. The next phase of e-commerce functionality after the website initial phase is completed I will discuss a bit more on Sunday’s newsletter. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter. 

Focus on Your Next Step

The best advice I received during Army Basic Training at Fort Knox, KY was when fatigue would hit me during those long runs, engaging Misery and Heartbreak, by focusing on my next step, I would build the mental strength to reach the finish line.

So don’t think too much about what big obstacle you have to overcome just move your foot to the front and repeat; with time and some adjusting you will get there.

If you need help with choosing the next step contact us directly or leave a comment.