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Weeks ago I got an email from Alex that she needed some help to create a website for a family friend who runs a few restaurants. While looking into improving those sites, we had a conversation on how she would love to set up a website to help out the food truck scene in Chicago. I saw what a great opportunity there was for her and the community she lives in.

I think Alex is a unique person who was looking and reaching out for opportunities. I have to say that her energy motivates me when we speak or write. She has a unique way of creating opportunities and then going after them. I met Alex a while back when I was collaborating with her on a blog. Alex has many traits including being bilingual and immersing herself in the Hispanic/Latino community. She speaks Spanish fluently, and better yet she understands our culture and is always learning.

I have been working with Alex on a few projects, and I have been able to see how determined she is to get things going. In my life, I have worked with very few people who make things happen as quickly as Alex.

I am amazed at how approachable Alex is. Although she is involved in many things, she is very quick to respond to your requests and has a good ear to listen and later on offer good advice.

One the traits that make Alex stand out is her attention to detail. She knows that I am vegetarian so weeks ago she sent me these delicious soups. It meant a lot to me. Alex interacts with many people, but she had remembered that I was vegetarian and she took the time to send me such an excellent gift.

A few weeks ago when I told her business was somewhat slow, she quickly offered help, and in days I was bidding for a few projects. Not only has she given me the opportunity to work with her, but she has referred me via various online channels which have brought me a significant amount of leads.

I have many contacts, but only my real friends who are only a handful will take action and reach out to as quickly as Alex with possible solutions.

I am always trying to improve myself as a person, and I look up to people like Alex and use them as an example. I want to be a bit more like Alex; I wish we had much more people like Alex Levine in this world.

In appreciation for the help and inspiration Alex has given me, I ask that you to go check out her new project and spread the word.

It was a pleasure working with Alex on this project, and I am looking forward to more projects where we can brainstorm and produce remarkable results.


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  1. Prometeo on July 21, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    It´s an advantage to have friends in many places.