Stop and Dance

Nothing like Slowing down and dancing to the Music Around Us. Th

There is nothing better than slowing down and dancing to the music around us. As I enjoy my vacation in Disney, I see they call it the happiest place on earth but the reflections of most of the humans visiting, show how selfish people can become when they pay for a theme park ticket.

Last night I gave up my seat on the shuttle for a little girl to sit. Every shuttle bus I have taken, I have seen parents with tired kids in their arms while healthy, younger, and even older individuals sit and relax. If you have ever been standing with a baby in one arm, while holding onto the straps after a long day of walking around Disney, it is common courtesy to let the person standing get off the bus first. I have seen those sitting on the Disney shuttles pushing their way through those who are standing to be the first off the bus.

The Selfless Lady (which I was Grateful for)

The previous night, I had a woman in her early 50’s beg me to sit down because our daughter feel asleep on the Disney shuttle. Her act of kindness made me see realize  how some people, no matter what race or color, think of others first and do acts of selflessness. Sadly, many others just think of themselves.

I am glad to see someone like her because she did as I would do and I am grateful for what she did. There were other individuals who seemed better fit to stand up and they choose to enjoy their seat while so many others probably needed a bit of help.

From Island Life to Go, Go, and Hurry Up

Last week I visited Culebra where I experienced a different quality of life. Urgency for business is important but people slow down and enjoy themselves. This week I am in Disney World watching parents barking orders at their children; I had flashbacks of my Drill Sergeant in Fort Knox marching us to a training facility.

Fast Pass over Experience

I understand people want to get the most out of their experience by getting everywhere on time. But what are we really experiencing when we can’t stop to enjoy the music and dance?  What memories will everyone take with them when someone is more focused on a fast pass than enjoying the experience?

Stop and Enjoy the Music

Daniela is 3 years old and today as a musician played music at Rafiki’s Planet, she decided to stop and dance and it was a cool moment where moments later she got to dance with Chip and Dale.

Take a moment, breath deeply, and take a step or two. Believe me it will make your day, week, year, and life a better one.

Dance, Dance, and Dance some More 

Maybe someone might join you…

Dancing at Animal Kingdom Dancing with Chip and Dale at Animal Kingdom Daniela and Lucy dancing with Chip and Dale





  1. Prometeo on September 20, 2014 at 10:42 am

    True. Some people are more bent on achieving things than on enjoying life. We have to stop and dance more often.

    Adelante y éxito.