I Sometimes accept Smiles and Laughs as Currency

Getting Feedback from the Kids of Culebra. What a rewarding expe

It’s not every day I get to take off and do work that really matters where my pay is the smiles, laughs, and gratitude of children who are excited about what a new friend is creating for them.

Last week  I was able to work on a side project in what where 30 intense hours of donating my time to help an awesome project get funded on Kickstarter; I travelled with Monika Candelario from Wapa TV and Juan Carlos Garavito Creator of ABC de Culebra.

My Hat off To Wapa’s Team

I normally do most of my work on global projects that don’t have any national press coverage but in this case Juan Carlos was able to get some coverage on his efforts from Wapa and I got to meet and spend some time with Monika Candelario and her Team.

Wapa Team recording.

It was interesting to see part of the behind the scenes of local news crew in action. In the past I have shadowed behind CNN and other major news outlets while I am at events like SXSW and conferences and I see was able to compare how Monika and her team did an excellent and great job when comparing with others news crews with more resources.

Monika Candelaria

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an online platform (website) which helps entrepreneurs launch a project by pre-selling product before it is launched.

The biggest challenge we’ve had on a local level is educating people on what is Kickstarter.

I have collaborated on a few Kickstarter projects providing my insight. With ABC of Culebra, I have been able to work with Juan Carlos Garavito where we have rolled up our sleeves and worked on many details, tactics, and strategy. From constantly brainstorming out of the box solutions and readjusting our immediate plans to reach the goal.

Do the Work, Execute

I stumble upon many people who are attempting to follow their dreams. I even have a course to help those who want to become entrepreneurs or even better managers.

But its always hard to find someone so talented that is a musician, humanitarian, graphic artist, and photographer such as Juan Carlos Garavito who decides to try a new approach and getting his goals met.

The Importance of Community

Walking the beaches, trails, and streets of the Island of Culebra, I saw how he is so loved by a town who has adopted him. How proud Culebrenses are of the work he is doing for their community.

If we could take that energy from most of the people I met in Culebra and how they supported Juan Carlos’s project and replicate it on the bigger island and throughout the world, I can assure you it could be a better place.Excited to get their first look at ABC of Culebra

Become part of the ABC of Culebra community today and help us reach our goal. At the moment of this writing we are 6 days away and 81% funded.

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Juan taking a panoramic of Culebra