Statehood Does Not Exempt Puerto Rico of Police Brutality #OccupyWallStreet

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For the last few weeks I have been observing how the #OccupyWallStreet movement has been unfolding. One of the most disturbing things that I can see out of the Occupy Wall Street issue is that the lower classes are the ones fighting with each other. You can see cops and authorities that are in the lower classes fighting with the protestors.

I have not seen how the Occupy Wall Street movement has affected the upper classes directly ( I am more than sure that they are still playing golf, enjoying there Indian Summer in the Hamptons, or just relaxing at there yachts). Maybe they might have to work from there mansions or Wall Street got disrupted. I really don’t see how those Wall Street executives who are mostly responsible for the Economy tanking having their lives disrupted.

When I started my blog many of my first posts where directed towards the Police Brutality that was being committed against the Students who where being beaten and different to wall street protestors access for food was being controlled. They took away there basis rights just because these students decided that Fortuño’s changes of policy where too much to handle.

Previous Posts related to the UPR Struggle

From my perspective Fortuño used his power to implement many policies using the people that elected him as Guinea Pigs so he could be on good terms with the Republican Party. A few months ago I published a video which was shared by my friend and fellow blogger @toxic_lunch in which Al Jazeera reports dug in deep to confirm that what Fortuño was doing was to clearly benefit the U.S. Republican party and use the individuals that elected him as Guinea pigs.

Governor Fortuño’s policy has also been one aligned with the local newspapers, which they have control off of silencing the real issues. We even got a touch months ago when Fortuños colleague Pierluisi decided he would try to silence a few bloggers.

Occupy Wall Street Brings Me Memories of Last Year

Last year I saw Police personnel hit and beat the crap out of students who where trying to protect there rights. At that time very few people cared about the conditions and hot these students where being treated not even the local press. They covered it from a light angle and some local bloggers and even outside journalist had to step in a cover the atrocities the Puerto Rican Police Department committed against these students.

 Our Governos Requested Help from NYPD

I remember how the Police Commissioner at one time bragged on how his force was going to be trained by the NYPD when it came to Riot control and now we can clearly see he was not lying. I guess we can now clearly blame those tactics on the NYPD.

Our governor also requested help from the NYPD to help the Puerto Rican Police Department in handling protestors. Now we know why we did not see any improvement.

I have seen my good set of videos where protestors have been hit and abused and just like it happened here. Similar to Puerto Rico I don’t see the U.S. Government addressing the Human Rights Issues.

In my perspective I thought that since Puerto Rico for the U.S. was only a place where at one point they could test the latest navy weapons (Vieques), Expand their economy (Wal-Mart), Get Cheap Resources, Recruit more service members than any other territory, and clearly not being a priority that is why President Obama and Hillary Clinton did not mention anything about the Abuse of Human Rights that was happening on the Island. I use to be a big President Obama fan but seeing how he has demonstrated to be like any other politician made me lose my admiration.

We found this video thanks to the Facebook Like Page  Soberanía y libertad ahora para Puerto Rico”

The U.S. Government Appears to Condone Police Brutality When it Benefits Them

I remember some of the ignorant people that would actually say that the police brutality that happens daily on the Island would stop if only we where a state. We can see that is not clearly the case. If they allow police brutality in New York City I am sure they would be more than open to allow it to continue in Puerto Rico (being on the lowest priority list for Washington, DC). We can clearly see the hypocrisy that when in the Middle East there are protestors being abused the U.S. is one of the first to jump in and criticize what is happening in other places. But when it is in there own territory they retreat and continue there days as if nothing is happening.

What will it take for Washington to step in and at least protect those protestors?

I would be more than sure that if they where major campaign contributors those cops would have been fired and the police brutality would have stop.

On the Island I shared multiple experiences on the Police Brutality because are students where fighting for there rights. Now I ask you to not forget that in Puerto Rico we also have Police Brutality and our Government is doing nothing to correct it.

What would you do to make Washington create a Zero Tolerance Policy on Police Brutality?

Do you think those politicians will go against their political and economical interests and put the people which they are suppose to protect in front of those interests?


  1. Prometeo on October 12, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Sergio Peña Clos said one day that to ask for statehood was the equivalent of a chicken choosing the slaughterhouse where it would be killed. 

    • Raul Colon on October 12, 2011 at 8:52 pm

      Prometeo…. I have to agree! 

  2. Kofla Olivieri on October 13, 2011 at 12:45 am

    Many people seem to forget that Fortuño and Figueroa Sancha traveled to NYC to “learn” their methods and techniques. I guess the police brutality report presented by the federal justice against the island police clearly shows that those two learned pretty quick how to handle protesters. They also learned how to manipulate crime statistics numbers just like NYC former Mayor Giuliani and former police commissioner Bratton are still being labeled as the master mind of that scam.
    @ God of War Diaries

  3. D Velasco147 on October 17, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    La estadidad no hace ni hará nada por nadie. Tenemos que acabar de darnos cuenta que solamente los que vivimos, disfrutamos y sufrimos las circunstancias de Puerto Rico somos los que podemos hacer algo al respecto de las mismas. Si no hacemos las cosas necesarias para mejorar nuestras vidas, nadie las hará por nosotros.
    Acabemos de una vez y por todas de requerirle a nuestros funcionarios que hagan lo que tienen que hacer: educar, proteger y mantener a PR en un estado óptimo de salud, limpieza y pulcritud para que todos podamos tener una vida tranquila y de la cual nos podamos sentir orgullosos y complacidos.
    Solamente así podremos ser finalmente soberanos de nuestras vidas en el sistema que finalmente decidamos que más nos conviene.
    Lo tenemos que hacer nosotros mismitos, gustele a quién le guste.