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Fit911 Boot Pain - Girl Scout Edition

I grew up around my dad being a sports fan. There were two sports that I watched with my dad, boxing and baseball.

Even though I watched other sports, those were the two sports I watched with dad.

Over the years I see Boxing less and less of a sport. I have seen how many victims come out of such a violent entertainment event.

My Preference over the UFC vs. Boxing

Watching two individuals duke it out is not my preferred choice of entertainment.

I know there is a lot more behind the scenes.  I sort of understand the sacrifices boxers make at many levels. But the reality is that boxing can be lethal and violent.

I can sit down and watch a UFC  event which is just as violent. The diversity in styles and strategies keeps my attention far longer than in boxing.

Ignoring Core Values and Principles

Last night I watched one of my favorite Mixed Martial Artists step into the octagon.

It seems Rhonda Rousey forgot some of what seemed to be her basic values. I practiced Judo for a bit a few years back and related to Rhonda for her ability to apply the principles of Judo and sportsmanship. Last night, Rhonda ignored them and paid for it with a nasty loss.

Reminded me of Apollo Creed

Her attitude seemed more like a scene from Rocky 4 where Apollo goes into the ring making more of a show. To be fair Apollo in the movie was going into an exhibition fight. Even though it was movie, we saw how that ended that characters boxing career and life.

Focusing on Our Objectives

Rhonda went in and was so into herself and playing mind games that it sort of consumed her.

I thought of the greats that chose to place their energies on priorities. It reminds me of the same way tMark Zuckerberg wears the same outfit every day to place his energy on his priorities.

I think Rhonda forgot that she was going into the ring to battle vs. the much needed attention of making it a great show.

From reading the comments on Twitter, I quickly saw how some of her most loyal fans turned against her.  The entertainment value of the event went from her loss to criticizing the poor decisions she made in the fight.

Listening and Applying Our Own Advice

Sometimes we forget to listen to our own advice. I watched a video shared by my friend Ignacio Peña and you can see how Rhonda predicted her outcome. She clearly did not listen to her own advice.

I am grateful that I have people around me like Lucy that call me out when I am not following my own advice. It was up to Rhonda's corner to help her re-focus and maybe change their strategy. It was clear that the probability of her knocking out the experienced boxer was very slim.

The Importance of Sportsmanship

There are many lessons I can think of when I see a UFC event.

More importantly, I understand that showing good sportsmanship can get you farther.

Teaching Sportsmanship

I woke up today and had a few message from my friend and personal trainer, Andres. He was running a special event for the Girl Scouts just steps away from where I live.

I walked over to Andres with my camera. I found out that this BootPain was a special one. The focus was on helping these Girl Scouts earn their Sportsmanship badge.

Andres gave the girls team building exercises that were focused around physical and mental challenges.

The last challenge was more of an intellectual one. What Andres taught these kids this morning were some critical tools that they can use in the future.

We all need to be reminded how we can become better team members. If you practice any sport there is a reason why respect, values, and sportsmanship are highly regarded attributes in every athlete.

Thanks to Andres I found the answers to what I think Rhonda Rousey forgot last night.

Are we valuing and using our knowledge and resources to our best ability?

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