Sharing My Stories

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Telling our story is something we all do in different forms. I recently found out that I was capturing my story in different ways but limiting myself in sharing it.

I created a website and made it into a virtual yearbook for my senior class. This was before having platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, WordPress and the many other that allow you to easily sign up and share your experiences with the online world. As time goes by, it becomes easier to share your story via pictures, video, and writing.

Sharing the Story Via Digital Photography

Before digital cameras, I remember taking pictures with my Advantix camera.

This was a long process and here are some steps I remember:

  1. Buy film for the camera
  2. Choose my pictures wisely (each roll had a limited amount of pictures)
  3. Drop the pictures to get developed
  4. Pick up the pictures
  5. Scan them (making sure I only touched the edges)
  6. Adjust them
  7. Upload them
  8. Get them in the format I needed and size
  9. Edit them
  10. Publish pictures online

Things got easier when I bought my first Digital Camera; a Sony Mavica (see picture above)! All I needed were floppy disks and a computer with the online connection. Now I have a Ricoh CX2  (Affiliate Link)Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico as my point and shoot camera with an Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card (Affiliate Link) that uploads the pictures for me to my computer, iPhone, iPad, and other online repositories.


I had been using creative commons pictures for my blog posts. Thanks to the advice of Sir Alan Weinkrantz I realized that by using the pictures of others, there wasn’t a full connection to the content I was writing. Since April, I have been using more of my pictures for blog posts. Looking back at my albums, I have been able to find many options to choose from.


Video allows you to capture a story and distribute to many. Video platforms like Youtube enable us to upload video in minutes and grant access to a larger audience.


When I started to share more of my thoughts online, I wrote for other blogs and then decided to set up my own.

Writing in the form of an exercise like Morning Pages can be meditative and helps you organize your thoughts. Writing also helps me find people with common interests. I also write to share my point of view and to learn from you and others that I react by responding or commenting online.

Many think that writing is something that they can’t do. It can be done quite quickly, and with practice, you can get better.

Like my friend Chris Brogan says, “Time is a Choice” he can help you find the time, but it’s your choice.

Are you sharing your story? How?

Point me to your Blog Please

Do you have a blog if you do, please feel free to share it in the comments area?