Seriously Creative IDEA Engineering

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Ideas pop out of everywhere, some of us have ways to nurture them and make them come to life. Some of us need help developing good ideas into projects.

Last week I had the privilege of getting invited to the IDEA Innovation Workshop that Dana Montenegro and Angiemille Laratorre from Seriously Creative offer.

This half-day workshop is where we kicked off our shoes with the purpose of better understanding how to take ideas and make them into successful projects while having fun.

Ideas occur at any time during the day or night. Sometimes we are sleeping and we wake up to an idea. I keep at least a notepad near me so I can quickly write down any thoughts. On other occasions we are driving and we get an idea of how to fix something. By the time we stop at the next stoplight, we might have forgotten our solution to the problem because we jumped to another topic about what we where having for dinner that night.

Our brains consistently shift and overwrite information; we end up forgetting things we would have liked to keep stored in our memory.

Necessary Stages and Steps for IDEA Engineering

I have always been someone to change processes and the ways things are done in order to be efficient with time.

I get an idea and I go after it.

However when I look back at dead projects like a Local Job Board we set up, Twitter knowledgebase when people did not understand twitter, and some of my more recent projects like Veglatino and Papaheroes, I realize that I love to launch things and then tweak along the way.

Over the years of being as small business owner, I have cut away most of the initial steps of extra planning and other things I did before launching a project. Having a diverse background as a small business owner grooming dogs up to developing and coaching people on how to communicate online more effectively.

What my Brain Favors when it comes to IDEA Engineering

The many things I have done in the past help me relate with many aspects of IDEA Engineering. One of the key takeways from the workshop was being able to identify how my personality fits in with different stages of the idea.

The opportunity to sit down with other small business owners and management executives from other industries helped me understand where I fit when it comes to brainstorming and getting to work on ideas in a better way.

In just a few hours we where able to take on challenges such as enhancing customer experience or helping kids eat healthier and take a 360 degree view to find ways to approach the issue and solve some problems.

Next Step for Me

I can’t wait to attend their next workshop which will happen on January 16th, 2013 and get more information on what I already learned, so I can become more effective and efficient when engineering ideas.

Idea Engineering Full Day

Till then I will be using the frameworks and guidelines I learned from Dana to take a look at a few ideas I don’t have running.

Disclosure: We where invited by the Seriously Cretive with a Complimentary space for the workshop. Even though the knowledge we acquired was an invitation by the Seriously Creative we don’t feel that this influenced the writing of this post in any way.