Sending Good Vibes to My Good Friend Ramon Morales

Ramon and My Family

I have disconnected from my computer for a few days. I have done a good job of taking a break. Even from writing in the morning.

Yesterday I felt the urge to sit down and write. I promised myself that I would do it early next morning.

When I woke up a bit earlier to make sure I could do that I find out that my close friend Ramon Morales suffered a stroke yesterday.

Although I am curious of his status I also don’t want to overburden the family members with questions. I am sure they are dealing with a lot right now. 

So instead I decided to write my thoughts with very little editing to share why Ramon is and always will be an important man in my life.

Interesting enough many of my decisions of setting up my current company. Ramon’s advice and mentorship helped me take the route of what I am doing now.

Ramon was the first one motivating me to write more online. He cheered me as I pushed my efforts forward. The praises received from Ramon where the fuel I needed at many difficult moments. For me and many it’s normal to see Ramon highlighting us and putting the spotlight on our work.

Ramon lives caring for others. From being part of the Young Lords in the early stages of his life fighting for the rights of many. To graduating from Harvard and being a mentor to many entrepreneurs like me.

I am wishing Ramon a speedy recovery. He is a fighter I am more than sure that he will pull through.

I only wish I could be closer to help his awesome and beautiful wife Denise.

To my buddy Ramoncito I can wait to chat with you again soon after your recovery and make you laugh.

Ramon we need your guidance and good energy.

The picture below captures a man always seeking us all to understand that if there is love there is life.

We love you Ramoncito.

Ramon in Old San Juan