Not sure if he was Selfish or a Socialist?

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When arriving at SXSW we took a cab towards our hotel from the Austin Convention Center and we did go for a ride. We had a very outspoken and rude cab driver (like most of the cab drivers I experienced in Austin).

The only thing I disliked from visiting Austin was the rude cab drivers. Most of the cab drivers want you to pay cash.

My friend @joselinmane took a cab and its driver decided to give him a free ride before accepting a credit card eventhough @joselinmane wanted to pay. In reality the Cab Driver was not as nice kicked Joseline out of the Cab for not having cash. Although Joseline requested to be taken to the ATM this was too much work for the cab driver. Luckily Joseline was close enough to his destination.

Our Socialist or Selfish Cab Driver?

Our cab driver started the conversation asking us about the Android 4.3 or 4.2. Both of us sharing the ride towards the hotel are not familiar with the Android Mobile Operating system.

On more than many occasions I bump into people who think if you work with technology you must understand everything from setting up a network to developing in IOS.

Technology is a Vast and General Term

Reality is that technology is such a general term that many of us specialize in certain areas.  I personally have earned a living trying to understand emerging and general technologies from a high level so I can get the business process owners talking the same language with the technologists.

After we told our cab driver we have very little knowledge on the Droid and we where Apple fans he went on a rant on how Apple sucks and why he clearly thinks all software should be free. I quickly interrupted him and reminded him that since he was going to be transporting many people who make a living by developing software it might not be a good idea for him to keep on complaining on how software companies and developers supposedly make to much money. He was rude and replied with a clear explanation on how he did not care if he offended anyone.

Being myself I decided to help him understand the message he was trying to project. With a bit of humor I quickly look at options in my head on how I could make him stop his rant :

Me: Sir I understand you completely I am a Socialist just like you! (which I am not). It would be great if we all could get everything for free and share everything.

Cab Driver: (in an insulted and confused tone replied) I am not Socialist I just want what is fair.

Since I could not convince him that he was a Socialist I guess I decided to ask him about how would he feel if we created a network of Free Cabs in which everyone could ride for free and cab drivers (like him) would donate there time to drive tourists like us around . You can guess what his reply was.

Cab Driver: Oh but that is different I need to make a living. Software should be free and they need to look for other ways of making money.

In conclusion I have to say I left my wallet in the cab and he handed it to me while  he scolded me because I went back to check if I had left anything else. The only reason I gave him a tip was because of his action of returning my wallet and having some what of values. Although I did not agree with him the Cab Driver demonstrated he had a different value system than I have.

But I am still asking myself was the Cab Driver selfish, a socialist, or …?



  1. Prometeo on March 26, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Some people don’t fall in those categories. A true socialist knows that there is a price to pay for having everyone get access to everything and that is by paying higher taxes. A person who wants everything mostly for free is a freeloader indeed.

    • Raul Colon on March 26, 2011 at 6:08 pm

      No wonder I was asking myself what he was.. You helped me understand that he was aspiring to be a freeloader not sure if he was there yet..