What is your Relationship with Monday?

Isla Verde in The Morning

Morning walks on Sunday are extra special. After walking and maybe looking at the photographs I usually take I see how many focus energy on the fact that the weekend is going to end.

I strange relationship with Sunday and Monday

I personally can relate to them. I fell in love with Monday but for years I was not a fan of Sunday. When I worked for KPMG sunday meant a quick sprint to get my personal things done. By noon I was usually headed towards the airport in route to my next client.

How many days are yours?

Many I read have a full two days to relax and enjoy. While at KPMG I could rarely have a full day of the week to myself. I would arrive on Fridays or early Saturday from travel. Saturday I would organize my week plan travel etc and get some more work done.

Since 2008 I work 7 days of the week but I feel I have seven full days for myself. I get to control where I am going and I pick and choose where I want to put my energy.

Excited or Not About Monday

Being an entrepreneur has its challenges but seeing both sides of the spectrum makes me value my journey even more.

I have friends enjoying the weekend and complaining it will end. They are not to excited about arriving at their jobs tomorrow. I have unemployed friends that would love to have a chance to get an interview tomorrow or even better report to a job.

As I help people with my training sessions and online one-to-one courses I realize that we have to focus on the path we are taking.

If you are not happy with your Sunday because you don’t like your job. Now is the moment to change those elements that make your Monday not pleasant.

If you are seeking a job make sure you remember that you have to pick yourself first. We have to value ourselves so others can appreciate what we offer.

What if…

As corporations see individuals as overhead and easily replaceable, opportunities become less attractive.

So why leave your destiny to a board of directors or higher level management.

Where are you different from any other candidate?

Where can I shine a light on you to show off your best skills to those interested in hiring or partnering with you?

If you are not the two types of individuals I mentioned then what can you do to help those I have mentioned above?

What opportunities can we seek for those around us? How?

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