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As small business owners we end up trying to solve many problems without not having a clear understanding. Some small business owners realize after a few years that it is better to outsource some of the help so they can focus on their core business and processes.

We can outsource things like accounting, payroll, maintenance, technical assistance, and web design amongst many other things. No matter how much you choose to outsource  and have the capital to focus on the core of your business, there are always questions you are going to have to clear with someone you trust.

The main issue is that these questions can only be answered by those same people you hire. Human beings have a unique way of giving you an answer that might benefit them especially if they are a consultant.

As a consultant for major firms I earned the trust of my client by creating a relationship of always offering the best options even if  I would lose an opportunity. On many occasions the client was so grateful that I gave them the facts that the trust factor kicked in and if it was a matter of saving money, they would rather hire me and pay a bit more than go to my competitor which probably had a cost effective option to offer over mine. Till this day that is how I treat my customers; I offer them best options and even when I might lose on a deal I earn their trust more and more.

These are situations where those questions might arise and you need a Small Business Advisory board like I have at Kitchen Table Companies (Affiliate Link). People with different types of business acumen are there to help you with questions:

  • When Buying Software
  • When Choosing Insurance
  • Choosing an accountant
  • Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • Launching a New Product
  • Quick Feedback on a website you set up

These are only a few of the  many instances where I have gotten great feedback from experienced professionals whose main objective is to help you solve your small business issues from a variety of perspectives in a practical way.

Do you have a small business advisory board?

If you don’t maybe taking a look at Kitchen Table Companies might be the solution towards getting all the answers to your small business questions for a monthly fee smaller than your cell phone bill.

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