Que Lindo es Puerto Rico

Paseo de la Princesa

Last night I was able to watch the Banco Popular Christmas Special named, “Que Lindo es Puerto Rico”.

With the help of the awesome Tania Torresola and her boss Luis Amed Irizarry , they pointed me towards the live online link of the special. Luis was nice enough to answer comments on Facebook guiding a few of us to the Special.

I have seen a few of these and what I enjoyed was the storytelling part of the experience. I really enjoyed the fact that all genres of music were captured in the special.

Every musician became part of a sharing a story about music history. I think every musician curated to the list (except for Jowell and Randy) was excellent.

Great Job to those who created the Special

My congrats to the team that created this special and count on me for buying (the first time in history) the special.

I enjoy the fact that I can buy a digital copy which goes in line with my minimalist life style.