Puerto Ricans Should Never Forget (Prohibido Olvidar)

I am currently building a platform to take care of Puerto Rico related subjects and have and focus this blog more on my experiences as a small business owner and a technologist.  Although on the other side a big part of who I am is connected to where I was born and have lived most of my life.

The other day I had a quick change of mind while listening to Carol Roth the author of the Entrepreneur Equation on Kitchen Table Companies show on the Pulse I agreed with her on taking a stance when it comes to politics. Similar to Carol I consider myself an independent.


In Puerto Rico the word independent on the surface means something completely different since it is tied to the Independence party. I personally don’t identify with any of the current political parties I would love to see many more of my fellow countrymen & countrywomen look for results instead of creating tribes of blind people who are lead by those who are masters at misleading.

A Good Reason Why Need to be Independent in Mind & Spirit

This video reached  @lucymfel via twitter and she shared it with me. I did see the value in the message created since it touched more of the human side than politics. Never Forget is a message that should be instilled in our minds as the 2012 election process comes through.

Amplifying our Voices & Thoughts

Blogging platforms give us power as citizens to express ourselves and influence others in positive or negative ways. The video above is not about politics but how the current Fortuño Government has violated human rights time and time again (The worst part is that they have never apologized). Coming from the son of a person that in 1970’s was persecuted by Puerto Rico’s secret police just because of his political beliefs of wanting independence for the island, I see how this current administration has done a great job at almost replicating that.

2012 Elections

I am making a call to action we need to keep track of our politicians in check and making sure they are looking for the benefits of everyone as a collective.

The destruction of the Puerto Rican economy by the current government and the pending destruction of critical ecological systems worry me greatly.

We have to create multiple platforms where our voices can be heard and the information published and shared has the primary duty of educating all to make better decisions.

I want to influence those individuals who are thinking of the well being on Puerto Rico and the world as a collective.

How do we stop these politicians and other decision makers from only benefitting a few while the rest of the island is struggling to bring food to the table?

Would you be interested in bringing change by using online platforms to educate those around us?

What will it take what do you suggest?

Please if you did not do it previously take a few minutes and watch the previous video and keep your mind open that this is about our human rights not politics.

Never Forget!





  1. BellaVida on February 10, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    All Latinos must realize they are responsible for creating change and that requires action from every single person.  The only solution I see is using the internet/socialmedia/web/blogs for a huge educational campaign. 

    This generation must learn to 
    1. use all the elements of these platforms
    2. learn to unite & communicate effectively and
    3. the BIGGEST thing this generation must do is educate and groom a next generation to take over all positions of leadership (political & economic). 

    • Raul Colon on February 10, 2012 at 1:55 pm

      Letty I could not agree more. Those 3 points are critical in moving the island forward and taking the negative forces out of the equation.

      Uniting is our biggest obstacle since most people have their own agenda benefitting them individually! 

  2. Vega_400 on April 12, 2012 at 12:41 am


    100% pure Island Made 

    Regardless of what you all have
    commented,the fact is that Puerto Rico will become the 51st State. Face the
    Music (Salsa),if you don’t like that don’t visit 51 and if you live in 51 and
    don’t like it move to Cuba,Venezuela or the moon or you can have a spot of tea
    when you move to England.Borincanos don’t be afraid! and to all others don’t be
    afraid of the Borincanos. 51 will be a Island state with with powerful pride.
    Don’t “Playa” hate and when I say “playa” I mean
    Beach,hahaha. I can hear the music now, the “JAWS” Music,
    “51” is coming. Raise your hand if you are Scared. Muchas Thanks!

    • antigonum cajan on May 22, 2012 at 8:06 am

       Your inferiority complex should not be so evident. Your ignorance of constitutional issues on top. Puerto Rico is not important at the time of deciding if it will be accepted among the 50 states, IMBECILE. THEY are the ones deciding the issue.  Pa uhtedeh que son loh mioh..music…applause!

  3. antigonum cajan on May 22, 2012 at 8:02 am

    You are a mixed blood and ugly…Get rid of the photo, please. An icon may suffice.